[edit] Raw Meat

Raw meat can be found by killing and carving a herbivore, such as Aptonoth or by sending Trenya to the Snowy Mountains for 200 points.

Raw meat has the following primary uses :

  • It can be made into a Rare Steak that replenishes one bar of stamina. Rare Steak can also be combined with a Catalyst to make Power Juice.
  • It can be made into a Well-Done Steak, which replenishes two bars of stamina. Well-done steak can be combined with Power Extract to make Mega Juice.
  • It can be made into a Gourmet Steak that replenishes four bars of stamina.

[edit] Other Uses

  • Raw Meat + Sleep Herb = Drugged Meat.
  • Raw Meat + Parashroom = Tainted Meat.
  • Raw Meat + Toadstool = Poisoned Meat.
  • Well-Done Steak + Hot Pepper = Hot Meat.
  • Well-Done Steak + Ice Crystal = Cold Meat.

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