Moga Village

The Moga Village
Moga Village is a new village in Monster Hunter 3 (tri). It is the one of two available locations for selection by your hunter available, and available only for single-play gameplay. It is is a slightly run-down town at first, set in the docks on the ocean shores. It accommodates for merchants, blacksmiths, guild officials and has a village elder. Children can also be seen wandering and playing around the docks, as well as being able to talk to. Various people can be seen in boats entering and leaving the village from time to time. As the player progresses through the game, and the village becomes protected by more and stronger advocates, more merchants are seen entering the city, and eventually the village becomes more populated with travelling merchants from across the lands, most notably the captain Argosy, pulling anchor in the growing village as well as the general population.

The player's house while small, accommodates for both saving the game, as well as item and armor storage. It can also store the player's pet pig and has options to add decorations such as new furniture.

Moga Village also connects up to the high mountains residing close by, where the Moga Farm is located. The farm has spots to grow plants and a waterfall to wash your pig in. Hunters must leave on quests by sea, taking a boat to all of their quest locations (as indicated by initiating quests by walking out onto a pier).

Connecting to the Moga Farm is the entrance to the Mountain Valley level, where players can free-roam the area without the need to initiate a quest, allowing them to gather items casually. However, areas are restricted to only areas 1-3 initially, and players start out on the mountain-top facing the valley in Area 1, rather than Base Camp (as is where the entrance to the Village is).

Day and Night When you spend time in Moga Woods or a Quest and then return to the village, you'll notice a switch from day to night or vice versa. Hunting conditions are different between day and night, and work that goes on at the farm and harbor is based on the day/night schedule as well. Make sure you take the passage of time into consideration when you're planning a hunt

  • There is no day/night switch when you abandon a Quest.


[edit] Your House

[edit] Bed

They used to say, "A child that sleeps well grows well." Here you can get a good night's sleep and save your data too. You can skip to the next morning if you use your bed at night.

[edit] Item Box

This box stores items and weapons you've acquired. The size of the box doesn't change, but with good packing techniques you can fit more inside.

Store Items

  • If you have items that you can't carry around with you, put them in the Item Box or try a different Pouch type. One slot in the box can hold up to 99 of a certain item, use + and - to change pages.

Remove Items

  • Move an item from the Box to your Pouch. Remember that the pouch you have when you are carrying a close-range weapon is different from your Gunner's pouch.

Combine/Manage Items

  • This function is a great tool when you want to mass produce an item through combining, when you want to modify the arrangement of items in the Box manually, or when you want to sell items for zenny.

Manage Equipment

  • Come here when you want to change your weapons and/or armor. Excellent equipment is the mark of a top-rate hunter, after all.

Change Appearance

  • You can use the Item Box to give yourself a makeover. Take a breather from hunting and use the Box to spiff up your look.

Equipment Set/Bowgun Set

  • Once you've got all your equipment/Bowgun parts line up, you'll probably want to switch between different combinations depending on what you're hunting. With the "Set" feature, you can change your setup in a flash.

[edit] Chamberlyne

A hard-working Felyne who waits on you hand and foot, and helps you out with the arrangement and storage of Furnishings in your room.

What are Furnishings?

  • Furnishings refer to all nice decorations you can put in your room. There are many different types, and the relaxation they can give you is beyond measure.

Get Arena Data

  • Import the spoils of war you've won in the Arena into your character's data. Choose between your Wii system or your Remote and get your Arena results.

[edit] Moga Woods and Resources

The Moga Woods are a vast woodland that covers the area around Moga Village, providing the villagers with countless blessings. The bridge by the blacksmith will take you there, so if you're in the mood for a little walk, it's off to the woods.

[edit] Three Things about Moga Woods

  • Relaxed: Since there is no time limit whatsoever, head out to the woods for a slow, relaxed hunt.
  • Forgiving: No matter how many times you run out of health, the woods lets you restart from your base camp without being penalized.
  • Violent at Times!: The environment changes bit by bit over time, and ever once in a while you might spot a big monster.

[edit] Abundant Resources Enrich the Village

"Resources" are the provisions the village needs to keep on going. They're required for everything from fishing to tilling the soil. After you defeat a monster or find an item that could make for a good resource, visit the Chief's Son to redeem them for some all-important resource points.

The Stockpile

  • The stockpile, overseen by the Chief's Son, is a crucial element of village life. Don't forget to stop here after you com back from a hunt in the woods.

The Farm

  • When you cross the bridge on the bottom-right side of the village, you'll find Moga's famous farm. Have a chat with the head farmer and he'll be able to use your resources to increase the production of various materials.

The Fishery

  • If necessary, some special fishing boats can be outfitted with weapons and sent out to hunt sea monsters. Normally these ships hit the water to catch fish and provide the villagers with food, but they are also available for hunting needs.

The Argosy

  • "The Argosy" is a massive oceangoing steamer that often cruises into the village. You can do business with the captain, clad in Eastern garb, by trading Moga "specialty goods." There are two transaction types - "normal trade" and "rare trade" - collect some specialty goods and try your hand at business.

The Canteen

  • As you move along in the game, a Canteen will eventually become available in the village. There, you can get a hearty meal, which may grant you temporary status bonus, and/or "Food Skills". Just remember that once you return from a Quest or Moga Woods, the effects of the meal will disappear.

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