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Monster Hunter
Monster Hunter Coverart.pngMonster Hunter Boxart.
TitleMonster Hunter
Launch DateNA September 21, 2004

EU 27 May, 2005
AUS Never released

JP March 11, 2004
Platform(s)Playstation 2
Players1 (Offline) 1-4 (Online)
Controller TypesSONY DualShock 2 Analog Controller
Online CommunicationsUSB Keyboard, On-Screen Keyboard

Monster Hunter is an Action-Adventured RPG based game created by Capcom which pioneered the Monster Hunter Series. This was the first Monster Hunter game made, which premiered in Japan on March 11, 2004; exclusively for the Playstation 2. The game's new practical concept towards fighting mythical beasts made it a stand-out seller for the Japanese market, which then saw it released internationally within months. Although sales outside of Japan were rather lackluster, the game sparked international interest in the series with a small yet devoted fanbase.

While the the game initially focuses on Single-Player aspects to slowly introduce the player to the gameplay (which are in the form of missions provided by the Village Elder) the series as a whole puts more emphasis on multiplayer, where fellow hunters are able to meet up online and form hunting parties of up to 4 hunters for both Gathering and Hunting Missions. Monster Hunter does not seem to bear any real storyline, instead following along the simple understanding of a 'Hunt or be Hunted' lifestyle, most commonly in the form of protecting your home village of Kokoto.

As of 2008, online servers for Monster Hunter (PS2) were shut down, discontinuing the ability to play online.


[edit] Overview

Hunt or be Hunted

It was different then, in our distant homeland. The beasts roamed freely. Some had teeth the size of a man. Some were bigger still. Our only defence were the hunters. And there was one, the most ferocious, the most intelligent, who stood above them all...

You are the Monster Hunter, a warrior hunting the biggest of big game ever... when you're not being hunted yourself.

  • Use brawn and brain - you'll need traps, tactics and an arsenal of weapons to beat the most fearsome, cunning monsters ever.
  • Hunt alone or go online in teams of four. But make sure you get to the trophies first.
  • Use claws and skin from monster you defeat as weapons and armour. Together with your customisable appearance, they make your Monster Hunter unique.
  • Explore a vast, ancient world filled with secrets, items and quests. Including exclusive new quests online.

[edit] Gameplay

Monster Height Comparisons

[edit] Quests

The game's missions; known as quests, come in many different forms depending on their nature. This ranges from Hunting Quests, which involve slaying a certain number of a specific beast, to Gathering Quests, which involve the procurement of certain items founds specifically to the set region. There are also two other unique quests known as Capture and Event Quests.

[edit] Hunting Quests

These are the main types of quests given in both Single Player and Multiplayer formats. Marked in Red; these quests denote the objective of killing a specified number of a certain monster. This can include several of a Subordinate Monster to up to two of a Boss Monster throughout the duration of the quest. These quests are generally given a 50 minute time limit.

[edit] Gathering Quests

While not focusing on combat, these missions are based around the gathering of items, whether specified or not. This kind of quest can be either a 'freeroam' of 'list' type, denoting the lack of a specific objective, or the requirement to procure a certain item, respectively. These are denoted by the colour green. Freeroam gathering quests allow the player to venture through the environment without restraint, exemplifying them from item restrictions. However, they are still given a 50 minute time limit to spend during this quest. Once finished, they can use a Paw Pass Ticket to end the quest, before the timer runs out (otherwise the quest will automatically end for them). Other specified Gathering Quests, are much more linear in nature. This can include the gathering of herbs or other miscellaneous items found in the local environment. These can also include gathering from the innards of a slain monster (generally a subordinate), or even monster eggs.

[edit] Capture Quests

Capture quests are similar to hunting quests, in that they focus on the presence of a monster within the area. These only apply to Boss Monsters, which can actually be affected by Pitfall Traps. Denoted by the colours white; these quests involve the weakening and capturing of a Boss Monster, through the use of a Pitfall Trap and either Tranq Bombs or Tranq Shots.

[edit] Event Quests

These quests, denoted by the colour of purple, are designed for the compatibility of Online Play only. The nature of these quests varies, as they can be any one of the three types stated above. When Monster Hunter's online service was active, new Event Quests were made available for download. These ranged from killing many of a specific monster (even more so than standard hunting quests), to fighting in the arena against tougher Boss Monsters for rarer items than usual. Since the closure of Capcom's online service, the periodical release of new Event Quests has been discontinued.

[edit] Weapons

As a hunter, your player is able to wield up to 6 different types of weaponry, each with their own pros and cons. These weapons can be categorised into either the Blademaster Class, or the Bowgunner class; Blademaster being close-range, and Bowgunner being ranged.

The Blademaster class includes the Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Hammer and Lance. The Bowgunner class includes Bowguns, which can further be separated into the Light Bowgun and Heavy Bowgun.

[edit] Armor

Armor, similar to Weaponry, is also divided by two main classes: Blademaster and Bowgunner. Each class can only be used depending on the hunter's preferred type of weapon. For example, a hunter wielding a Great Sword is a Blademaster, therefore only able to wear Blademaster class armor. Armor is split up into 5 different pieces: Head, Body, Hand, Waist and Leg.

[edit] Monsters

Rathian, Queen of the Jungle

The world of Monster Hunter plays host to many different creatures both great and small. These can range from the English-speaking domesticated Felynes, the flagship Wyvern Rathalos, to the fearsome behemoth known as the Lao-Shan Lung.

A list of all the monsters featured throughout the game can be found here.

[edit] Areas

Minegarde is a very expansive world, and as such features varying environments which suit many different monsters. This includes the warm, hospitable area known as the Forest and Hills, as well as the Jungle. Then there is the murky Swamp, and searing Desert and blazing Volcano. Certain monsters can only be found in certain locations, such as the Plesioth in the Jungle due to it's landscape being situated near large rivers, or the Basarios within the hot climate of the Volcano.

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