Monster Hunter 2 (PS2)

Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)
M2Cover.jpgMonster Hunter Dos Boxart.
TitleMonster Hunter Dos
Launch DateNA N/A


JP February 16, 2006
Platform(s)Playstation 2
Players1 (Offline) 1-4 (Online)
Controller TypesSONY DualShock 2 Analog Controller
Online CommunicationsUSB Keyboard, On-Screen Keyboard

Monster Hunter 2 is the sequel to both Monster Hunter and it's expansion Monster Hunter G, made by Capcom. It was released Japan only on February 16, 2006. Although an international translated version has never been slated for release, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 contains almost the same new content, albeit having a different narrative, location and quests.

[edit] New Features

Monster Hunter 2 expanded upon the already succcessful Monster Hunter with the addition of many more gameplay elements, as well as monsters, weapons, armour, locations and quests. The player now has two villages that they can roam around, depending on whether or not they are online or offline. This can be either the Jumbo Village or Dondruma Village. There are also some new minigame playable within these towns, such as Arm Wrestling and Drinking games. Throughout these towns, shops are made available with different purposes, such as a Combination Shop. A Training School was also added to the game, since it's inclusion in the expansion Monster Hunter G. A Felyne has also been included for the purpose of changing the player's hair.

Locations for quests have been completely revamped in comparison to their older counterparts to suit the players new location of town. These environments are also affected by night and day, which transitions between quests, allowing for different environmental effects; such as heavy rain, high tides or magma overflow in respective areas. New Monsters are able to be hunted, without discrimination towards the online status of the player.

Several gameplay elements such as being able to combine up to 3 items at once, a new pause system, secondary objectives have also been introduced. Players can also use items while their Sword and Shield and Dual Swords are drawn. Also added is the ability to add decorations to armour, further improving skills for the player.

[edit] Monsters

One of the main additions to the Monster Hunter compendium include the game's flagship monster, Kushala Daora. Many of the Second Generation Monsters also premiered in this game, such as Yama Tsukami, Rajang and Chameleos .

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