Monster Hunter Freedom (PSP)

Monster Hunter 2 (Dos)
MHF.jpgMonster Hunter Freedom (Europe) Boxart.
TitleMonster Hunter Freedom
Monster Hunter Portable (JP)
Launch DateNA May 23, 2006

EU May 12, 2006
AUS May 12, 2006

JP December 1, 2005
Platform(s)Playstation Portable
Players1 (Offline) 1-4 (Online)
Controller TypesPlaystation Portable Face Buttons
Online CommunicationsNone available

An Action-Adventured based game created by Capcom; Monster Hunter Freedom was the series premier of Monster Hunter for the Playstation Portable System, thus making it the first portable Monster Hunter game. This game, also known as Monster Hunter Portable in Japan, is a direct port and successor to the previously released Japan only: Monster Hunter G for the PS2. As such, it includes the new features that the game once introduced, such as a new monster, different Monster colours, new quests, skills, Felyne Chefs, the Kokoto Farm and Training School.

Much like Monster Hunter (PS2), this game's primary focus is on it's multiplayer capabilities, though the player is able to initiate quests designed for multiplayer; offline, thereby enabling them much more singleplayer access in comparison to it's predecessors.

[edit] Overview

The most terrifying monsters... in your hands. The beasts roamed freely then. Some had teeth the size of a man. But together, the Monster Hunters could defeat them...

Journey to a land where monsters rule. With the PSP you can chose to face that land alone, or journey with friends.

FREEDOM TO FIGHT - Tackle the most fearsome monsters in teams of up to four players using the wireless connection.

FREEDOM TO ROAM - Monster Hunter, massively expanded - with new missions and monsters.

FREEDOM TO LIVE - Deep, rewarding gameplay. Collect special weapons, farm land for items, unlock new secrets.

You are a hunter in a world filled with ferocious monsters and precious treasures. Hone your hunting skills, make a name for yourself, become a hunter of legends... The world is yours.

[edit] Gameplay

Exactly like it's predecessors, the game's focus is on the hunting of monsters, along with the development of yourself as a hunter, through new items, weapons and armour. With experience comes the opportunity of slaying stronger beasts, which in turn yields rarer items, and stronger weapons and armour. With the game being a direct port of Monster Hunter G (save the Japanese language), there is no other additions to the series besides those already within the Playstation 2 game.

Just like it's PS2 cousin, the game has a variety of weapons classes, including the Dual Swords, and monsters such as Yian Garuga and Azure Rathalos.

[edit] Hunting Guild

Like Monster Hunter G, your hunter is governed by a ranking system known as the Hunter Rank, which varies from the most inexperienced of HR1, to most experienced of HR5. By advancing in Hunter Ranks, you are given access to higher difficulty quests, which contract you to killing tougher monsters.

Exactly like Monster Hunter G, quests ranked as "G Class" are within the game, which surpass the difficulty or normal HR5 ranked quests. These quests, while presenting an overall tougher environment, obviously yield better rewards.

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