Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (PSP)

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Monster Hunter Freedom 2
MHF2.jpgMonster Hunter Freedom 2 Boxart
TitleMonster Hunter Freedom 2
Monster Hunter Portable 2 (JP)
Launch DateNA August 29, 2007

EU September 7, 2007
AUS September 12, 2007

JP February 22, 2007
Platform(s)Playstation Portable
Players1 (Offline) 1-4 (Online)
Controller TypesPlaystation Portable Face Buttons
Online CommunicationsNone available

Monster Hunter Freedom 2 is an Action Adventure based game developed and published by Capcom for the Playstation Portable and the successor to the widely acclaimed Moster Hunter Freedom. Also known as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd in Japan, it is another almost direct port of the original console game; Monster Hunter 2 (PS2), the game shares many of the same elements, such as new monsters, weapons and armour. The narrative has been changed however, with a new village to reside in (see Pokke Village), and a small storyline to kick-off the single player experience.

Again, there is heavy focus on the multiplayer aspects of the game, but at the same time there are a variety of single player quests to help get the player started, which can take many hours to complete. Unlike Monster Hunter 2 however, the Yama Tsukami has been removed, and replaced with two newer monsters exclusive to the game.

In 2007, Monster Hunter Freedom 2 was the top-selling Playstation Portable game for Japan, with estimated demographics of 1-in-4 people owning a PSP to have a copy of the game.


[edit] Overview

In a barbaric world, it's hunt or be hunted...

They fought for survival together, tracking the most dangerous and deadly prey. Now, the Monster Hunters face their most dangerous and deadly challenge yet. With more action, more perilous monsters and a massive new land to explore - it's an epic challenge. In a world before time began, join forces to keep your freedom, pride, and life. In a land of danger, it's simple, but never easy. Hunt... or be hunted.

  • EPIC ACTION - Pursue over 70 huge monsters across breathtaking new landscapes in more than 270 quests. An epic action game twice the size of the original, and twice as fun.
  • FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL - Gather new weapons and armour from successful hunts, build your skills and fight to gain power and money.
  • HUNT ONLINE - Four player wireless co-operative and battle modes. The adventure continues with over 30 additional quests available over infrastructure mode.

Enjoy Nature's beauty as you take on the role of a hunter in a land filled with giant monsters! Alone or with friends, the choice is yours as you explore a world larger than ever!

[edit] New Features

Being almost completely the same as it's console version Monster Hunter 2, many of the features that were new to the game have featured on Freedom 2 as well, making their debut on the Portable console. This includes (but is not restricted to) new monsters, weapons, armour, items, locations, characters and more.

[edit] New Monsters

Just like Monster Hunter 2, the game features second generation monsters, which premier on a Portable console. The also has two exclusive monsters, the Tigrex and Akantor. This list of new additions to the fauna of MHF2 however excludes the Yama Tsukami, as well as it's accompanying Tower. area.

Information about them can be found in the game's References Manual.

[edit] New Locations

With all the locations having been completely revamped, the game now sets it's quests within Generation 2 Areas, with newer locations to the series such as the Dondruma Village, Snowy Mountains and Tower. While others are new forms of previous locations, such as Desert, Jungle, Swamp and Volcano. The Forest and Hills, being one of the most iconic locations for Monster Hunter remains largely unchanged.

[edit] New Weapon Classes

New weapon classes including the Long Sword, Hunting Horn, Gun Lance and Bow also premier in this portable game; providing the hunter with more weaponry against newer foes. These cater for both Blademaster and Bowgunner classes.

[edit] Improvements from previous versions

  • Improved monster AI
  • New weapons: Gunlances, Bows, Longswords, and Hunting Horns
  • More monsters
  • Infrastructure download system, ability to download quests and extras
  • More training school
  • Rarity increased to 8 (red)
  • Pokke Farm has been extended, new Pokke point system
  • Item Box increased to 6
  • New areas
  • New skill system involving the use of decorations
  • A preview of what weapons and armours look like is given before you create them.

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