Monster Hunter Motion Revive

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Monster Hunter Motion Revive Series Boxset 2008
Boxset - Right Side 2008
Boxset - Left Side 2008
All weapons (Not including sheathed Katana)
Boxset - Back 2008

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[edit] Content

This this a 8 piece boxset of Monster Hunter Figurines, comprising of 8 different hunters and weapon and armour sets. The Boxset includes characters with the armour sets: Rathalos, Rathalos Soul, Silver Sol, Genprey, Giaprey and three different character models of the Kirin set.

[edit] Figurine Set

1A - Male, Rathalos Armour Set. Includes Bone Katana "Dragon" Katana(Sheathed and unsheathed) and King Teostra Blade (Greatsword).

1B - Male, Silver Sol Armour Set. Includes Dark Scythe (Katana) and "Fist of Fury" (Hammer).

1C - Male, Rathalos Soul Armour Set. Includes Kirin Bolts (Dual Sword) and Demon Lance(Lance).

1D - Male, Genprey Gunner Armour Set. Includes Teostra Bowgun(Heavy Bowgun), Hunting horn and Felyne in a barrel.

2A - Male, Giaprey Gunner Armour Set. Includes Dark Akantor Bow (Bow), Arrow, Quiver and Well-Done Steak.

2B - Female, Kirin Armour Set. Includes Chrome Death Razor (Greatsword) and Deep Sea Fisher (Gunlance).

2C - Female, Kirin Armour Set. Includes Giaprey Balloon (Hunting Horn) and Ultimus Heaven & Earth (Dual Blade).

2D - Female, Kirin Armour Set. Includes Cats Paw (Sword and Shield), Sm Barrel Bomb and Felyne Mask.

[edit] Weapons

1. King Teostra Blade(Greatsword)
2. Bone Katana "Dragon"(Katana)
3. Giaprey Balloon(Hunting Horn)
4. Sm Barrel Bomb
5. Felyne in a Barrel
6. Demonlock(Light Bowgun)
7. Well-Done Steak
8. Hunting Horn
9. Fatalis Bow(Bow)
10. Fist of Fury(Hammer)
11. Deep Sea Fisher(Gunlance)
12. Chrome Death Razor(Greatsword)
13. Ultimus Heaven & Earth(Dual Sword)
14. Kirin Bolts(Dual Sword)
15. Demon Lance(Lance)
16. Felyne Mask(Armour)
17. Dark Scythe(Long Sword)
18. Cats Paw and Melynxe Gadget(Sword and Shield)
19. Teostra Bowgun(Heavy Bowgun)

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