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By: Tiggy

Naruga Karuga: This uniquely evolved wyvern has chosen the lush trees of the Old Forest as it's home. Cunning and Tenacious, it hides in the shadows and attacks with blinding speed. Its tail is so powerful, it can kill a medium sized monster with one blow.


Elemental Weakness: Fire

Breakable Parts: Eye, Wing Claws (Both Sides) , and Tail (First break shell, then cut off.) Tail's first shell broken off. Tail can only be cut off when enraged.

Weakest Points: Head


Dash: The Naruga Karuga will start running towards you in the way of a Tigrex. Though this is slower then an enraged Tigrex's charge and does hardly any damage if hit. Easily dodged by blocking or rolling out of the way. Note: The Naruga Karuga can, and most likely will, stop and do one of the following attacks: Bite, or Tail Whip.


Roar: Just like the Tigrex, the Naruga Karuga can jump back and let loose a howl which will make your hunter cover their ears unless you have the skill Earplug, or block. The skill Evade works too.

Tail Whip: Naruga Karuga will often stop in his tracks and back up a small bit, then fling his tail at you. This move has a very large range. To avoid this, you can roll under him, block, or use the skill Evade to escape.


Prowl/Pouce: If you are far away, Naruga Karuga will get closer to you by prowling and pouncing towards your direction. He will stand in one spot for one to four seconds, depending on his mood, and jumped towards you anywhere from once to four times. Note: While Naruga Karuga is in his prowl stance, use a Sonic Bomb to make him fall over for a short time, get some attacks in during this time. Note: Naruga Karuga will instantly become enraged when you use a Sonic Bomb, or any kind of Barrel Bomb.


Tail Spikes: Naruga Karuga will start to spin his tail in a circle above him and release 4-6 sets of spikes at his foe. These spikes have three ranges, right in front of him, mid way, and far away. Often used while running towards him from a distance. Can Evade threw them, block, or walk by them if far away. (Note: listen carefully, when Naruga Karuga is about to throw the spikes you'll hear a sound kinda like a rattlesnake's tail)


Tail Smash: Naruga Karuga will twist his head and roar at you, jump around and smash his tail on the ground. This takes away a huge amount of health, if not kill you (Gold Ranked), and should be watched for carefully. The range is huge and his tail stretches to have a huge reach. Carefully timed rolls with Evade can dodge this, along with a block, though draining a lot of energy.


Taunt: The Naruga Karuga will power his head and growl, while snapping his tail on the ground. This is a fantastic time to attack him.


Enrage: When enraged, Naruga Karuga will become that much more quick and deadly. His tail becomes spiked, he pounces a lot more and his pounce jump amount increases to often four jumps. Naruga Karuga will also favour the Tail Smash attack. One treat to this will be the nice design of his trailing eyes.


Area Info: Naruga Karuga will usually start out in area 5, if your in the new "Sea of Tree's" Map. Right after he flies away, he usually goes to the area one up, area 4. Naruga Karuga will also go to area 7 to roam around, also this is his sleeping area. The last area Naruga Karuga seems to go to would be area 2.

  • Strategy will be updated later*
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