Paintballs are small handheld projectiles that a hunter uses to mark his prey and keep track of them. When hit with a Paintball, the target monster will show up as a pink blob on your map. This effect is not permanent, however, so make sure to carry multiple Paintballs!

The paintball can also be used in conjunction with the Tranquilizing Guru armour skill to let a hunter know when his prey is weak enough to be captured in either a Shock Trap or Pitfall traps. In this instance, the blob on your map representing the monster will turn yellow when you can successfully capture it.

It should be noted that some members of the Pelagus class, such as Blangonga, can clean themselves and get rid of your Paintball. Of course, this can easily be fixed by hitting them with another one!!

Paintballs can be made by combining a Paintberry with Bomb Material, but they are extremely common and are almost always found in supply boxes! Paintballs can also be given to you by Trenya if you send him to the Snowy Mountains for 200 Pokke points.

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