Paralysis is a Status Effect that appears in the Monster Hunter Series. Certain monsters have the ability to use paralysis to their advantage, and the hunter can use a poisoned weapon to use on monsters.

When a specific monster like a Cephadrome or a Plesioth inflicts paralysis on the hunter he/she becomes immobilized for a brief period of time on the ground with electricity surrounding his/her body. Afterwords you can continue to fight the monster as normal.

Paralysis can be deadly due to the fact that the hunter cannot move and on the ground. This gives an opening to attack for the monster or smaller monsters.

[edit] Notes

  • Insects like Vespoids can inflict paralysis in the middle of a boss-fight, which is why it is recommended to kill them all in the area. In fact, most hunters kill all paralysis-capable monsters in the area before fighting the boss.
  • Not all of the paralysis-capable monsters attacks inflict this status effect, only one or two moves have the capability to.

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