Plesioth, a well know Piscine

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The term 'Piscine' is applied to creatures that are known to swimg or glide in preference to walking on solid ground. The body structure of a Piscine usually resembles that of a fish, with lesser evolved legs in comparison to most other monster species. Piscines include the sand-dwelling creatures Cephalos and Cephadrome, which can be found throughout the desert. Monsters found commonly in the waters include Plesioth. The Lavasioth is a Piscine which dwells in magma, and can be found in the Volcano area. Piscines are also known as Wyverns, due to their similar structure and ability of flight.

All Piscines have two Limbs that enable them to walk on land, and a selection of Fins to help them swim through their chosen habitat. Many of their "wings" have evolved into fins.

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