Pokke Village

The village in the mountains.

The Pokke Village is the main location for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. The area is set closely to the Snowy Mountains, with the mountains seen in the distance. The town has established a Gathering Hall which enlists hunters to protect the village. The village also has a Training Hall and a Farm to help support the village Hunter.

Pokke village is the base of your operations, and also includes a weapon and armour creation shop, a store to replenish your items, the Peddling Granny, and your House. Inside your House you will find a Bed that acts as a save point, a Box to store all your equipment, and the Felyne Kitchen. The Felyne Kitchen is home to between 1 and 5 chefs that cook stat-boosting meals for you. It is also home to your Felyne Comrades.

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