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In the world of monster hunter, there is one condition where monster becomes raged whenever they got very annoyed by hunters or felt dying, whenever monster enters rage mode, some of their status will increase or decrease; such as monster defence level, some of them got new moves when in rage mode, and some of their body parts could only be broke or cut off when they are in rage mode (Narga's tail in MHFU)

Most of them will have specific sign when they have entered the rage mode (Tigrex's red stripes, or Rathalos' fire breath)

There is also said that some monsters that keep raging is a sign that it is dying (useful for those who planned to capture it); like a non-stop raging diablos

Some monsters also need to be in rage mode when hunters trying to trap them most likely "Pitfall Trap" (Narga)

There are specific monster that will attack continuously when they are in rage mode but showed more openings (Tigrex will jump 2 times and taunt for few seconds) but there are also monster that will taunt continuously (Zinogre will trying to charge when they want to enter rage mode although they rarely do this)

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