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[edit] Raviente

Great Crag Dragon
Jhen vs Ravii.jpgRavi vs Jhen
Monster TypeElder dragon
HabitatsGeyser Island
Appearancesastronmical, serpent like demon, with humungous Tusks.
SubspeciesViolent Raviente

[edit] Description

Raviente (ラヴィエンテ) is a Monster featured in Monster Hunter Frontier Season 7.0 Update. Raviente is known to be the biggest Elder Dragon there is. Raviente is a giant tusk serpent, who dwells in a lonely island far away from any civilization. Not even High Grade Earplugs can block its roar, it requires a skill stronger than HGE. It's called Ultra Grade Earplugs. It mostly attacks by smashing its face to the ground and causes an array of flying rocks. Any Hunter who is hit will become knocked-out/dizzy. It also can burrow underground and underwater. Sometimes, Raviente will become stuck into the ground, becoming vulnerable. It also has many devastating attacks. Such as its gigantic fireballs, but Raviente will give a sign before blasting its fireballs, giving ample warning. Its fireball target will be indicated as a green aura on the ground.

[edit] Size comparison

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As you can see,Raviente is bigger than Jhen Mohran and Lao Shan Lung put together! Akantor and Ukanlosseem insignificant to it. Ceadus is 1/4 it's size! Shen Gaoren May be taller, but Raviente is a snake, he'll wrap his body around Gaoren's legs, break them, and dig in! Yamatsukami is nothing! I mean, a guy can pop a baloon anytime!

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