Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon governs the affinity of your weapon, and changes the percentage chance of it doing either 125% or 75% of its standard damage.

When your weapon has positive affinity (EG. 20%), the percentage shown is the chance of seeing a red flash when you hit an enemy. This red flash represents a critical hit and is a visual indicator that your weapon did 25% more damage than usual.

Conversely, if your weapon has negative affinity (EG -15%), that is the percentage chance of seeing a purple flash when you hit an enemy. This purple flash represents a fail hit and is a visual indicator that your weapon only did 75% of its standard damage.

In simple terms, every ten percent that you increase your weapon's affinity is equal to approximately a 2.5% increase in your damage over time (.1 of a maximum 25% increase with theoretical 100% affinity).

[edit] How To Get Reckless Abandon

Reckless Abandon is governed by the Expert skill, and requires the following number of skill points to activate:

  • Reckless Abandon +1 - 10points.
  • Reckless Abandon +2 - 15points.
  • Reckless Abandon +3 - 20points.

In order to accumulate Expert skill points, you will require the following armor decorations :

  • Expert Jewel - 1 slot (Expert +1, Health -1).
  • Celebrity Jewel - 2 slots (Expert +3, Health -1).
  • Hermit Jewel - 3 slots (Expert +5, Health -1).

Some sets of armor are geared towards Reckless Abandon as a primary skill, so if you want to try it out without making any gems, you can try some shiny Teostra armor.

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