Rhenoploth.pngThe blind charger, Rhenoplos
Monster TypeHerbivore
HabitatsSandy Plains Volcano (MH3)
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri

Rhenoplos is a new monster exclusively featured in Monster Hunter 3. They are small, shell armoured creatures, which are similar to the Bullfango only more aggressive and stronger. They are extremely territorial herbivores with poor vision, but acute hearing. Rhenoplos will doggedly pursue any nearby target they sense. They often collide into boulders, because they cannot easily stop once they begin to run.

They can usually be found in dry locations, such as the Desert.

Rhenolpos is an aggressive Herbivore that first made it's appearance in Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii.

Rhenoplos are land based herbivores that thrive in harsh hot climates. They are covered in strong armoured plates and locate themselves in mainly desolate areas, with reasonable connectivity to a food source and a nesting location.

Rhenoplos are usually found in packs of 1 or 2, mainly scavenging the surrounding areas for food as well as protecting their nests.


[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: "Currently None"

Appearance: Rather small and stocky, they are covered in very thick strong plates which make up a majority of their body. Their heads and protected the most, with horn like appendages protruding from the skull to provide more girth and strength to their head butting charges. This however causes a decrease in visibility when attacking. Their feet are also rather flat and sturdy, allowing them to get a good grip on firm ground in order to provide enough momentum for their attacks, as well as stopping force.

Nature: Usually very placid, they are however aggressive when faced with a hunter or other opposing force, choosing to defend themselves and their young (nests) rather than to flee. Their mentality is extremely territorial and they will defend their area, even against much larger Wyverns.

[edit] Combat

Rhenoplos will roar when they notice an enemy, indicating their intent to attack and defend their area. Their tactics usually involve attacking individually, but occasionally will call on the help of surrounding Rhenoplos.

Rhenoplos attack by closing in on their enemies and charging at them, using their thick skulls as a shield and also a battering ram. They are also known to use their tails as a mace and swing them at the enemy in an attempt to knock them off their feet.

[edit] Hunter's Tips

  • Rhenoplos always have nests situated close by which contain very valuable eggs. They will however charge any hunter they see carrying these eggs.
  • They dislike dung bombs and will flee if attacked with one.

[edit] Carves

Rhenoplos can be carved twice

[edit] Low-Rank


[edit] High-Rank


[edit] Notes

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