Royal ludroth Bowgun Guide

Okay, welcome to my third guide! This time, it's for the Royal Ludroth! :) It's kind of similar to the Tigrex, but a whole lot easier. By now you should have beaten the Great Jaggi and Qurupeco, good job!

Recommended Items:

Potions x10 (Mix Blue Mushroom and Herb)

- If you're not so good navigating through water, be sure to bring these

Mega Potions x10 (Mix Potion and Honey)

- A must. You could end up using all of them. Or not. XD


- Bring a lot, 5 should do. You don't want to lose him in a crucial moment!

Well-done Steaks x10

- These are for your stamina. You'll die easily if you can't dodge his attacks

This is actually the first time I decided to bring steaks with me. x3 Usually I'd just rely on the Rations, haha. Anyways, just bring anything else you think you need.

Recommended Ammo:

Normal S Lv2

- This should be the first ammo that you should shoot at him. Rapid-fire is cool. B)

Pierce S Lv1

- Next after the Normal. This should be effective, since he's a big monster

Poison S Lv1

- If you're out of options, or if you don't have much time, use this to drain some damage out of the sucker. :P

That's what I used. Feel free to bring more! :D If you can't use Poison, bring any other ammo, like Paralize or Sleep. If you plan on using either of those two, though, do it on land and place Large Barrel Bombs (provided that you bought some).

On to the guide! First get everything you need, eat, and stuff...then take the quest.

Get all the stuff you need from the Supply box, then go to area 4 to trigger the movie scene. Correct me if I'm wrong. x3 After that, chuck a paintball at him, and start shooting. Be sure you dodge the Ludroths as you shoot him. Here's a few..erm, mini guides...depending whether or not he's on land or water.

On Land:

When you see him shake his mane/head, roll in front of him if you're at his side. Why? He's going to roll. You know, roll over, like dogs. :B Anyway, make sure you dodge, or else it's going to hurt.

If he's standing up, be sure you're not in front of him, because he's going to shoot balls of water at you. If he starts shooting at the center, that means he's going to shoot one ball. If he starts at the side, he's going to shoot three balls. First at one side, then the other side, then the center.

Don't go too near him, because he has nasty attacks, like charging on you, or twisting himself. Be careful of his tail, because it hurts!

You'll know when he's in rage mode if he starts breathing white smoke. Now, he has a new attack. He charges on you while moving his head side to side and spitting/shooting water balls. After he does this, he might turn around and do this again, like a Tigrex's charge. :D

During rage mode, he has a deadlier roll, too, as well as faster and stronger attacks.

In water:

In here, things are different. He can't do the same attacks as the ones on land, so be thankful. :P

Unfortunately, he's aquatic, so he can freely move, allowing him to twist, charge, shoot (Only one ball here) and bite you. Be careful and do your best to dodge to the side.

When he's in rage mode, his eyes will turn red. You won't notice it that much though, so you have to observe.

Hopefully that helped you. :P Just shoot whenever you have a chance. It's not that hard. Just dodge...and shoot, although this bugger took me almost the whole time the guild gives you.


If you're trying to capture him, he's going to limp. WHen you see this, this is your chance to capture him! Follow him, and then put a trap under him, then throw Tranq bombs at him or shoot your Tranq Ammo. COngratulations! ;D

Hopefully this guide has helped you. :) ( I still used no armor here xD )

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