Small Ruststone - Rusted Sword

    • Large Ruststone -

Rusted Hammer

    • Ruststone Rod -

Rusted Lance

    • Ruststone - Island Of The Gods
  • Ancientstone Weapons
    • Ancient Flatstone - Worn Greatsword
    • Sm Ancient Stone - Worn Blades
    • Lg Ancient Stone - Worn Hammer
    • Ancient StoneRod - Worn Lance
    • Ancient Stone - Demonlock

[edit] Obtaining Rusted Weapons

The system of ruststones and ancientstones works in this fashion: The system assigns you a random number, for ruststones, between 1~15. For Ancientstones, between 1~30. Doing a quest, or polishing a rust/ancientstone moves both numbers by one. If one should choose to forge either a rusted or ancientstone when the special number is achieved (usually by extraordinary luck), that one would receive either a worn/rusted weapon. You never know this number, and it's not obtainable by normal means. But this number is dependent on your save. Therefore, any "number" changes made that are not saved, and not made. Players can use this to their advantage. A common strategy is to play as normal, until a large number of ancientstones and ruststones are accrued. Then, in periodic attempts, (always, ALWAYS save first!)' forge every last one of them. Should a rusted or worn weapon NOT appear, then reset without saving '(to get all your stones back, you know NOW that the end is not within sight)' and continue playing as normal, until you feel you have completed enough quests '(and so changed your number "enough")' and retry, forgin all of your weapons.

  • Let's say out of 10~ ancient & ruststones (and right before he crafted all of them, he saved), CAPCOM finally gets a worn lance. But CAPCOM hates lances, and he spent all but two of his stones getting to a worn lance. Well, what CAPCOM should do, is reset the game, and do six quests. '(meaning that CAPCOM knows that the next rust/ancientstone he crafts will be successful.)'
  • Afterwards, CAPCOM chooses whatever ancient/rustedstone he wants, (say, a lg ancientstone), and so he guarantees himself not only a worn weapon, but also he spends only one stone at a time '(meaning he can reuse the rest for this identical strategy later one)', and he gets to choose which weapon type he wants. Compare this to playing for 500+ hours, and only to get a rusted weapon in G-rank, and you can see the benefit.

A more mathematical representation can go like this:

  • Random Number: 25
  • Stones: 12
  • Current Number: 18 (after doing so many quests).
  • (25) - (18) < (12), therefore, if CAPCOM chooses to start crafting his stones, one of them will be successful, to be precise, the 7th stone he crafts.
  • CAPCOM resets the game, resetting the current score back to his last saved file. Since CAPCOM saved right before he started crafting his stones, his current score reverts back to 18.
  • CAPCOM does 6 quests. (18) + (6) = (24). His new current score is 24.
  • CAPCOM then selects the stone of his choice, and crafts it. It's successful! But of course, he knew that, and so do you now...
  • (24) + (1) = (25) Success!

[edit] Important Things to Remember

  • Always, always, always, save before crafting every last one of your Rust/Ancientstones.
  • Never, never, never save (and by default, do a quest) after any "crafting spree". Even if it is successful.
  • Count. Count your quests, count your stones, this whole trick is a counting game, and you win if you count right.

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