Sharpening Skill INC

Sharpening Skill INC is a very handy skill for Blademaster, and especially useful for hunters who favour Dual Swords. Sharpening Skill INC reduces the number of times you have to rub your weapon with a Whetstone in order to restore sharpness. This allows you to replenish your sharpness (and thus increase your damage) very quickly, and leaves you exposed to attack for 75% less time. In order to activate the Sharpening Skill INC ability, you need to accumulate ten SwdShrpner skillpoints, which is nice and easy to do as each Grinder Jewel armor decoration requires only one slot and gives 2 SwdShrpner skillpoints.

So, if you use melee weapons and find constantly having to sharpen a problem, or just want to save a bit of time during quests, why not dedicate five of your armor/weapon slots to gaining Sharpening Skill INC!

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