Sharpness+1 is probably the most important and influential skill to acquire if you are a Blademaster in the world of Monster Hunter.

If you manage to activate Sharpness+1, it will visibly improve the Sharpness of melee weapons. In general, this results in your Sharpness level changing color (example green --> blue), which increases both your damage output and your ability to penetrate the tough hides of Monsters. 

When using Dual Swords, Sharpness+1 is almost essential due to the classes huge reliance on a constantly high level of Sharpness.

[edit] How To Activate Sharpness+1

In order to activate Sharpness+1, you need to accumulate ten Artisan skillpoints. It should be noted that there is only one level to this skill, so accumulating more than the recquired ten points will not change the effect.

You can gather Artisan skillpoints by decorating your Armor with the following gems:

  • Artisan Jewel - 1 slot - (Artisan+1, Potential-1)
  • Master Jewel - 3 slots - (Artisan+4, Potential-2)

Some Armor sets are already geared towards giving you Sharpness+1, these sets include the following:

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