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Monster Hunter 2: Freedom - Shen Gaoren Solo-Kill Guide Orginally composed by Necrus --- for use when fighting Shen Gaoren at the 'Town'. For general overview of Shen Gao Ren please see the Shen Gao Ren page.


~ Preperation ~

  • Weapons: Any Fire or Dragon Elemental weapon, or any class would work
  • Armor: Quake-Resistance is highly useful, example: Blango

Your objective here is to either do enough damage for the Shen Gaoren to flee, or kill it. Assuming you want the rewards and carves - which you should - you'd rather kill it

First, go into the Supply Box and gather everything such as the healing items, Ballista Shots, and Supply Barrel Bombs. Make sure you go to the upper-right part of the area you are in and look for a rack of spears next to a box of cannon balls, gather the spears on the rack until you have 10 of them. You can also find Max Potions and Mega Potions in nearby stalls in this area. Once you've stocked up, head on out to Area 3 where you will have your epic battle I'm sure you've been wanting.

Move up to the western part of Area 3 where the Shen Gaoren is making it's approach. Aim for it's legs, keep attacking each leg until they turn dark red and then move on to the next one. Be careful though, these legs will walk casually to the Town's walls but if you are caught in it's steps you will take damage, so study it's movements and attack it and roll as needed. Hit and run tactics are useful meaning to hit the leg until he is about to walk again, then roll to the side to avoid it and repeat. Quake-Resistance is important because the legs will cause your character to shake from each step

At this point, run back to the Town's walls and climb the ladder. Use the Ballista by having the ammo ready in your items menu and pressing square, just like using a bowgun aim and fire at the Shen Gaoren until you are out of ammo. Aim for the shell if you want to break it for the extra reward Now, climb up the ladder even more until you reach the top of the wall where the gaint red-button is (tempting, I know). Wait until the Shen Gaoren has his skull aimed at the wall and press circle, this will activate gaint drills that will cause major and massive damage to him - jump down as countine slashing at his legs until they are all bright red this time. The drill can only be used once in a very long while, you may only have time to do it once, but wait like 10 or 15 minuites assuming you haven't already killed him and you can try it again, it should work a second time!

Once the legs are damaged enough he should fall flat on himself, in which case hack and slash his face for the most damage! If you are using greatswords, use the charge shot.

For the barrel bombs, place them where the legs are going to step so he'll blow them up, best bet and may take timing.

The bottom line is aim for his legs until they are all bright red and until he falls flat on his face, then wail on him Use Barrel Bombs and the Town's defenses when you can.

You can see the weapons, armors, and drop-rates of the Shen Gaoren on the Monster Page in the NeoWiki

- Hope this helps you, if you have any questions, comments, or anything, NeoPM or email me at, MSN

>>>Happy Hunting<<<


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