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Shinies are items that are sometimes dropped by monsters in a state of panic, pain, or confusion. When you pick up a Shiny it will provide you with one of the following items:

  • Wyvern Tears (low rank and worth 500 Pokke Points).
  • Wyvern Sobs (high and G rank and worth 2500 Pokke Points).
  • A material from the monster you are fighting.

It should be noted that there is a small chance of a shiny being an extremely rare item, such as a Rathalos Ruby or a Heavenly Scale. This gives having a good knowledge of obtaining Shinies an added incentive; picking up a Heavenly Scale is pretty rewarding!

[edit] Tips

  • If you use the Felyne Scavenger skill, a monster will always drop a Shiny when you perform the appropriate action!
  • It should be noted that a monster will only ever drop one Shiny per quest.
  • High and G rank Gypceros' are exclusive in terms of Shineys, as you have to carve your item from them when they feign death.

[edit] How To Get Them

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