[edit] Sleep

Sleep is a status in the Monster Hunter series. Sleep is a debilitating status which is used by monsters to prevent the hunter from moving for a period of time, leaving him/her vulnerable to attack. Hunters inflicted with sleep will walk strangely for a few seconds after the attack, then will collapse asleep. Both while sleeping and while falling asleep, hunters will have light blue bubbles around them to indicate the sleep status. Hunters can also use sleep to their advantage by using throwing knives, meat, or ammunition with the sleep status. Sleep is commonly used in some games for a method of hunting refered to as sleep bombing. Sleep bombing takes advantage of the large amount of time that monsters stay asleep. When the monster falls asleep, hunters lay Barrel Bomb Ls by the part of the monster that they wish to break, then set off the bombs with either Barrel Bomb ss or projectiles. Most of the time, hunters need to bring extra large barrels and gunpowders to create more bombs.

[edit] Monsters that use the Sleep Status

This is a list of monsters that use the sleep status. This list is incomplete.

[edit] Notes

Sleep can be cured by an Energy Drink or by being hit by an attack.

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