Snowy Mountains

The snowy mountains of Pokke


[edit] Snowy Mountains

One of the very first hunting areas you will fight in, it is a harsh place, filled with biting cold in the summits and caves; and relatively milder slopes southward. However, most meaningful encounters will be in either the open snow, or in the freezing caves beneath them. The snowy summits are wide open, and visibility is quite good despite the blizzard, many of your long ranged fights would benefit from the free and open space, while on the contrary, the caverns are quite confined and packed. A close ranged weapon maybe preferable to a gun or a bow in such situations. Be warned that hot drinks are only half as effective in the summits, so be sure to pack some!

[edit] Monsters

[edit] Common-low threat


Anteka-grassy slopes, caverns, & summit

Popo-grassy slopes & summit

[edit] Pack Monsters-mild threat

Bullfango-caverns & summit

Blango-caverns & summit

Giaprey-caverns & summit

[edit] Pack Leaders-priority threat

Giadrome-caverns & summit


Blangonga-caverns & summit

[edit] Wyverns-major threat

Tigrex-caverns & summit

Khezu-caverns & summit, rarely glassy slopes

[edit] Elder Dragons-major threat


Kushala Daora-summit

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