Sonic Bombs

[edit] Sonic Bomb

The Sonic Bomb is a small handheld projectile that emits a loud sound when thrown. This sound emulates the roar of a large monster and has many different uses.

[edit] How To Get Them

There are two main ways to get Sonic Bombs; making your own, or finding some in the Supply Box. Unlike Flashbombs (which have a special supply version) you can keep any supplied Sonic Bombs that you haven't used. So if you have run out of materials, find an easy quest that supplies Sonic Bombs and stock up!!

To make your own you will need a Screamer (found by defeating certain Dromes or sending Trenya to the Mountains for 200 points) and Gunpowder (which can be purchased).

[edit] What They Do

Sonic Bombs have many different uses, including :

. Stunning Yian Kut-Ku and Nargacuga.

. Angering Plesioth and drawing it onto dry land.

. Confusing Chameleos and making it temporarily visible (and a chance of a shiny!)

. Forcing Cephadrome and Cephalos out of the sand.

. Creating a soundwave that makes a burrowing Diablos or Monoblos panic and half-surface. The effect is similar to a Pitfall Trap, but will not work if the monster is in rage mode

. Will make a Daimyo Hermitaur collapse if thrown when it has withdrawn into guard mode (Claws up infront of the face and not moving)

. Will make a Remobra fall from the Sky and writhe on the ground.

So next time you face any of these monsters, don't forget to try a Sonic Bomb!!

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