Status Effect

A Status Effect is any positive or negative effect which comes with items or attacks in all of the monster hunter games.

[edit] Positive Effects

Name Description Cause
Attack Up Increases Attack value. Power Seed, Demon Drug, Mega Demon Drug
Defense Up Increases Defense value. Armor Seed, Armorskin, Mega Armorskin
Recovery Up Increases the rate at which the red portion of the Health bar recovers. Immunizer
Heat Resistance Removes the stamina penalty from cold areas. Hot Drink, Hot Meat
Cold Resistance Removes the health penalty from hot areas. Cool Drink, Cold Meat

[edit] Negative Effects

Name Description Cure
Poison Causes health to drain slowly. Antidote
Paralysis Causes immobilization. None
Sleep Causes immobilization for a long period of time. None
Knock-Out Causes immobilization for a brief period of time. None
Defense Down Lowers the Defense value. Armor Seed
Soil Disables the use of consumable items. Deodorant
Fatigue Lowers Stamina to the lowest possible value and disallows maximum Stamina increase. Energy Drink
Snowman Slows and prevents attack or item use. Thawing Agent
Adobe Slows and prevents attack or item use. Cleanser
Felvine Impairs Felynes and Melynxes or causes them to attack. None
Leech Slowly drains health. None

[edit] Elemental Effects

Name Description Cure
Burning Caused by Fire attacks. Drains health over time akin to Poison. Firedouse Berry
Drenched Caused by Water attacks. Greatly slows the pace at which Stamina recovers. Waterblock Seed
Frosted Caused by Ice attacks. Greatly increases the rate at which Stamina drains. Icethaw Pellet
Shocked Caused by Thunder attacks. Greatly increases the chance of being Paralyzed. Stormsender Seed
Cursed Caused by Dragon attacks. Reverses any weapon's Affinity to a negative value. Dragonfell Berry

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