Switch Axe

The Switch Axe is a new weapon class making it's debut in Monster Hunter 3.
The Switch Axe in two of its different forms.

A powerful melee weapon, capable of such momentum that the hunter swinging it is dragged around by the momentum of each swing. Described as a marvel of technology capable of phantasmagoric might.

The weapon also has transformation capabilities, multiple blades and gears allow quick transition between fighting styles. In it's main form, the weapon behaves similarly to the Longsword class but minus the spirit combo and simplistic look. It's swings carry immense momentum, making the flinching and stumbling of monsters a common sight. It's main form also has a trademark attack just as the Hammer has its Super Pound and the Greatsword its Charge attack. The user starts by swinging the axe skyward with a rising slash and by holding the Wii-mote up or the Classic Controller Pro's analog stick in a neutral state. The hunter then starts swinging the axe in a horizontal figure 8 type of slash that lasts as long as the player has enough stamina. What makes the Switch axe truly a new and unique addition to the MH weapon line up is its ability to change into a different weapon at will and in a moments notice.

The Sword Mode, in this state the axe's blades are shifted by a combination of what appears to be compressed air and gears. What would appear to be the backbone of the axe has now shifted to sit on top of the axe's original blade forming a one sided Greatsword look-alike. However, this is no sluggish powerhouse, its a fast powerhouse! The sword mode, though limited in attacks, is extremely versatile. From cutting hard to reach tails, to punishing a toppled monster. "The Sword mode's power is limitless!" Is what I'd like to say, but then I'd be lying now wouldn't I? The Sword mode is in fact, limited. In the upper left corner under the Sharpness indicator there is what looks like a Switch-Axe with a yellow bar running through it. That yellow bar indicates how much juice the Sword mode has left. But fear not, waiting isn't the only option, because you can reload the Switch axe just as you would a Bowgun! restoring a large portion of the yellow bar and allowing you to get back into the fight. That's not all, (What? There's more? please tell us!) the sword mode also has a trademark attack, known as the "Burst attack". the Burst Attack is similar to the Gunlances of old in that it resembles "Wyvern fire" an attack used by Gunlances and Bowguns. By pressing (-) on the Wii-mote and (+) on the Classic Controller Pro then rapidly tapping A, you can use what is known as a phial discharge which is a large dose of whatever phial your switch axe is using. Which Brings me to the last bit I need to mention. Phials! Phials are small unchangeable cartridges that are equipped to the Switch Axe by Default.There are four Phial types and they are:

  • Element Phial: Boosts the Switch Axe's elemental damsge
  • Dragon Phial: Which adds dragon damage to attacks
  • Attack Phial: Which adds a Damage boost to attacks
  • Paralysis Phial: Which adds Paralysis effects to attacks.

Each phial adds a coating to the Switch-Axe's "Sword Mode" blade. It also acts as a supplement for the Elemental Burst mentioned above.

The true power of the weapon, however is its versatility of the different forms and using combos to link the two types together. Rather than dodge rolling, the Switch Axe has a quick step to the sides, allowing the user to keep focused on their attack while keeping out of harm's reach.

Recently the Switch Axe has been confirmed for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd and .

[edit] Controls

Axe Mode

Axe mode of the Sinister Saints
Control Type Overhead Swing Low Sweep Step Thrust Upward Swing Change Form
Triangle O Forward+Triangle Triangle+O R
A Tilt Left+A Forward+A - Z

Sword Mode

Sword Mode of the Sinister Saints

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