Dl m11.jpgTerror of Pokke
Monster TypePseudo Wyvern
HabitatsSnowy Mountains Desert
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Freedom 2

Brief Description

The Tigrex is, as indicated by the picture on the right, the flagship monster of MHF2. He is the equivalent to what Rathalos was in MHF. Only found in the snowy mountains, or the scorching desert, he is unaffected by the weather conditions. He is orange with blue stripes, with very violent looking armor. He has the head of a T-Rex, and the stripes of a Tiger (hence the name) and immensely powerful forearms. He uses his forearms to launch himself at you, quickly covering the precious ground you may have put between you and it.

The first time you fight him is terrifying for most to say the least, as your armour will probably only be able to survive two or so attacks from him, meaning quick deaths if you're not careful. Many people over prepare though, and find him easy. So the first battle can go either way.


  • The charge: The Tigrex charges at you, easy to avoid with a nicely timed dive.
  • The bite: The Tigrex tries to bite you, easy to avoid with a block or a roll.
  • The Tail Spin: The Tigrex spins his whole body around in an attempt to send you flying. Quite hard to avoid, so learn to read the signs.
  • The snowball/sandball launch: The Tigrex launches 3 snowballs/sandballs (depending on where you are fighting him) at you. Very easy to avoid, just roll/dive/walk out of the way.
  • Tigrex's roar has a short range, however it deals some damage and hurls the hunter backwards. The roar can be rolled through or blocked.
  • The Jump: The tigrex will jump through the air, this attack is easy to avoid and you will rarely get hit by it. *note, When in rage mode Tigrex jumps, turns around and jumps again immediately following the first. This is a good opportunity for hunters to hit it, because after he lands the second jump he always does a "hit me now" stage. NOTE: This is not always the case, as he is known to occasionally only jump once in rage mode.


  • Bring lots of potions if you are inexperienced.
  • Tigrex is susceptible to flash bombs.
  • In area 8 of snowy mountains a charging tigrex will get stuck in a wall when directed at it, offering a few free hits.
  • Thunder element weapons are strong against tigrex. Many novice hunters find eager cleaver their weapon of choice when fighting tigrex.
  • For more tips see the Tigrex Guide
  • Tigrex's face can be broken once along with the claws on each frontal limb. Its tail can be cut off too.

[edit] Guides

Tigrex Guides

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