Tools of the Trade - Melee Weapons (MHFU)


[edit] Melee Weapons Usage 1


Don't you know who I am? I'm Red Devil of the fearsome Hell Brothers! Even crying babies stop their sniveling when they catch sight of a strong hunter like me! I'm going to be giving a melee weapons lecture for the subscribers of "Hunting Life"!

Melee weapons! A man's true love!
There are those who love their Bowguns, but only a real man knows the joy of specializing in a melee weapon, and leaping with joy in the blood and carnage his skilled attacks create.

There is absolutely critical point to using melee weapons, and that is Sharpness. No matter how famous the Sword, or how small the enemy, the more you slash an enemy, the more a weapon's Sharpness decreases.

As Sharpness decreases, so does the power of the weapon. It is even possible that the weapon may snap during usage. Conversely, when the Sharpness of a weapon is high, its attack strength is also heightened. So make sure to keep your weapon sharp!

When a melee weapon becomes dull, it is time to use a Whetstone! Not a Wet stone, a Whetstone! By rubbing the Whetstone against the blade, you can revive its Sharpness with ease! HAHAHAHA!

However, that is only a temporary solution to the problem. You'll want a weapon that will keep its Sharpness for a longer period of time... Everyone agrees with me, right? By improving a weapon, you not only increase its power, but you can also increase its durability.

There are 7 levels of weapon sharpness. If you try to improve your weapon, you can usually get it up to around level 6, though intermediate levels are possible as well. But you know what I’ve heard? I’ve heard that there are some special weapons that will jump directly to level 7 upon improvement.

Plus... veterans, like yours truly, hold the knowledge to increasing a weapon’s sharpness through an alternative method. What’s that? I just said that you can’t improve a weapon’s sharpness beyond level 7? Well, I’ll let you figure that one out on your own.
Look forward to my next exciting issue! Hahahaha!

[edit] Melee Weapons Usage 2


How are all my little hunter boys and girls today? It is time for the second melee weapons course with yours truly, the fearsome Hell Brother, Red Devil!

This time, I am going to give you a lecture about some insightful pieces of melee weapon knowledge.
First, attacking with a melee weapon! It is not OK to swing it around carelessly like some child’s toy! Understand?

There are three steps to an attack with a melee weapon. Drawing the weapon, applying the force, and the final follow-through. The strongest part of the attack is... I shouldn’t have to tell you... Exactly! It is ‘Applying the Force’!

These steps are even more important to hunting game than sharpening a weapon. Drawing a weapon requires no strength at all. Hitting a monster while drawing a weapon is likely to damage the weapon. This is something you must make a great effort to avoid when using melee weapons.

So, how exactly do you attack an enemy with the highest strength possible...? The most important things are distance and timing. You must judge your weapon’s reach and your enemy’s movements. This is not something I can explain to you, but something that you must learn for yourself and develop an intuition for.

If that is difficult, you should use a weapon with excellent sharpness. If a weapon is sharp enough, strength is of little importance, as it will slice through an opponent anyways. It is also important to allow your equipment to fill the gap of your technique.

The second subject I want to discuss is when, despite using a weapon to its potential, an opponent is just too hard to compete against. Wyverns like Basarios and Gravios are covered in hard shell. Normal weapons won’t leave a mark on these beasts, despite your beast efforts.

However, every monster has a weak point. For every hard point, there must also be a soft point. Where are these weak points located...
Well that is a trade secret. One of the keys to being a successful hunter is learning to attack in the most effective manner.

Next, even if they have a hard shell, it is easy to damage a monster via elemental attacks. If a monster is frustrating you with its defense, try using a weapon that can attack with elements.

Finally, I want to remind you all that killing a wyvern is not an easy thing, and it is often the case that the slaying of a wyvern is for revenge. To those who hunger for revenge, let me give you some advice on weapon selection. If you meet defeat despite using a complete set of armor, a weapon with a Defense bonus would be a nice choice.

There are even weapons that increase your Defense just by carrying them. By using these types of weapons, it lowers your chances of defeat. It is important to consider more than just attack strength when selecting a weapon. That is all for now. Go out there and make me proud, little boys and girls! Hahahaha!

[edit] Weapon Creation and Improvement part 1

[Interview: Ask the Crafter Part One]

Today, we want to ask questions of a dynamic duo of crafters who have gained the respect of hunters far and wide fir their work at the Crafting Shop- Bone Elder & Iron Elder! Their amazing works have hunters frothing with rabid desire.

Q: First things first, let’s talk about the manufacturing process of a weapon.
Bone Elder (BE): Bone makes a great crafting material! Its touch! Its feel! Its great!
Iron Elder (IE): What is he talking about!? Metal has weight and radiance. It is clearly superior!

Q: No no! Not about materials. I wanted to ask about the entire process of making a weapon.
BE: The entire process!? Whether you are crafting a new weapon at the Crafting Shop, or just improving one, the most important thing is absolutely materials!

Q: OK OK, Iron Elder What are your thoughts on materials?
IE: Well for creating a new item, it is key to procure so-called special materials. If you get these, you can create new pieces of equipment. When you get some new materials, you should bring them to the crafting shop.

Q: What do you feel are some key materials?
BE: Well, I can’t really tell you a rule but… You can often get materials from monsters. For instance, armor can be made from scales or shells. For weapons, you should try using horns for fangs. Bone is also a good material for weapons.

IE: Is he still talking about bone!? The key item is clearly one. During High Rank Quests, you may find rare ores. That is the most important item for crafting. As you rise in class, you should dig in ore!

Q: Next we would like to ask about upgrades. Can you describe how to improve equipment?
BE: Basically it extracts the potential from a weapon. For melee weapons, it means advancing to the next level of a weapon’s evolution.
IE: Exactly. By getting materials and improving equipment, you can mold it into excellence. Now that’s progress.

Q: Progress?
BE: Progress. The first stop in this evolution is the improvement of a weapon’s Sharpness. The next step is improving the weapon itself. This is usually the end of basic improvement. Improving a weapon is that simple.

IE: Evolving a weapon is not just a one-way street. It is a process of finding the right path. Improving melee weapons is the same thing. According to the materials used, you can raise offensive power, elemental ability or Sharpness.

BE: Let’s talk about Bone Material…
Q: So, um… How do you improve a Bowgun?
BE: Improving a Bowgun is different from improving a melee weapon. For instance, you don’t need materials, just money. Bowgun parts that can be improved are delicate. You can’t just bang on things and hope they turn out OK.

IE: Just to add, improving a Bowgun is not only about improving its overall offensive abilities. It can also be about adding a different Barrel or a Scope to your weapon. If you want to know the details, you should refer to the separate section that has been prepared on the topic!

We would like to thank Bone Elder and Iron Elder for their graciousness in answering out questions about weapons manufacturing. Join us in our next issue as we discuss the ins and outs of improving a weapon with these 2 predominant crafters.

[edit] Weapon Creation and Improvement part 2

[Interview: Ask the Crafter Part Two]

Let’s continue our discussion with the dynamic duo of crafters Bone Elder and Iron Elder in our [‘Ask the Crafter’ series. The second half of our interview covers the finer points of Bone and Iron materials.

Q: Alright. Let’s talk about the features of Iron and Bone.

Bone Elder (BE): Bone is the supreme material!
BE: What!? Iron, you have no idea what you’re talking about! Shut up.
IE: I have no idea? Shut up? If anyone should shut up, it should be you!

Q: Since it obviously isn’t going to be cordial, let’s take turns. Bone, you first.
BE: You know the truth. Young people should know too. Bon manufacturing!
It has a number of special abilities such as Poison or Paralysis effects. It is like the power of a monster in your hands!

BE: The most well known of all the bone material is Monster Bone. Monster Bone comes in three sizes. Small, Medium and Large. There are also high quality bones – Monster Bone+ andHard Monster Bone. You can use these for general purpose bone equipment, but don’t expect any special effects.

BE: If you are after the special effects, you are going to have to use materials from specific wyverns. For instance, by using Rathalos Scales, your weapon can gain increased Fire elemental properties. A crafting material’s value is related to these special abilities.

BE: As you fight various monsters, you will be able to gather up valuable materials. You can never forget to carve materials from a monster once it is defeated.

IE: You talk entirely too much. I’m too old for this! But now it is my turn to talk… Iron Crafting! It is even more powerful and Sharp! Solid and flexible with high usability, there just is no substitute.

IE: The most famous Iron materials would be Iron Ore and Machalite Ore. High quality ores are those like Dragonite and Carbalite. Getting ahold of either one is quite an advantage over basic ores.

IE: By using a Pickaxe in rocky areas or caves, you can mine for these ores. You should never forget to equip a Pickaxe when heading off on a Quest. Pickaxes… Never leave home without them!

BE: It is unbecoming to get so excited at your age! Anyways, we all know that there are many places where Bone shows its true worth. However, by placing Bone together with Iron, you can truly strengthen an item.

IE: Hmph. Look at you talking nice. Only gathering one kind of material would be a fool’s folly. Only Iron or only Bone. Either is a mistake. Only through their miraculous collaborations are the best items created.
BE: Exactly.

-- They may not look like they get along, but the truth is that they rely on and trust each other like friends and partners, and it comes through in this interview. We would like to thank Bone Elder and Iron Elder for their time and patience in giving us this interview. End.

[edit] Affinity

[Weapons Usage -Affinity-]

Hello! I'm sure you've heard about Affinity before! You haven't!? Well then, allow me to take a little time and teach you the joys of a little something called Affinity. It's a topic that applies to both melee and ranged weapons, you know!

With any weapon, there are times when you will cause more damage, or conversely, times when your weapon will not be as powerful as you thought. These times are governed by Affinity. Look at your weapon's equipment details. On the second page, there is an entry for Affinity.

If you Affinity number is positive, there is a higher chance you'll cause heavy damage, meaning your weapon has the possibility of knocking an enemy out in a single blow. For melee weapons, it seems that high Sharpness raises Affinity. This also means you cannot allow Sharpness to fall! There's no chance of high Affinity with your sharpness in the red!

Now if your Affinity number is negative, there is a good chance you'll do less damage than your weapon is capable of. It won't drop to half, but 3/4 damage is a real possibility. Even if your weapon's Attack is high, you must always be aware of your chance of failure at the worst moment.

Some monster's materials have the ability to raise Affinity, while others can lower Affinity. Skills can also raise this number. A perfect example of this is the Expert Skill. Don't forget this golden nugget of information.

It all comes down to using the weapon you have in your hand, otherwise you will never know its true capabilities. Even if your Attack strength is low, a high Affinity may allow you to cause unimaginable damage. Now head out to the field and try as many weapons and materials as you can.

[edit] Sword

[Practical Hunting -Swords-]

Alright, I’m a hunter… But now what weapon should I be using…!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. In this lecture, we will give these worried hunters a special report on Swords.

Many people feel that Swords are simple weapons for weak beginners, but the truth is that they are weapons with immense depth. Sure, it is true that a single hit is relatively minor, and that it is possible to be knocked out of one's Guard; however, Swords make up for this with a plethora of special characteristics and attributes.

The interval between Sword attacks is very small, so combination attacks suit this weapon well. Moreover, Swords are graced with the ability to quickly shift from attacking to defending and evasion. This is an excellent feature to have when facing large groups of monsters, or especially nimble ones like the Velociprey.

When facing the toughest class of wyverns, you can see a Sword's true worth by using its attributes. Weapons capable of afflicting a monster with special ailments in a rapid number of hits are quick to show their effectiveness. Swords fit this bill nicely!

Moreover, a Sword is an incredibly easy to use weapon, thus enabling various special abilities. For instance, you can use items while Guarding. Use this great ability to recover your Health, set a trap, use a Whetstone, etc. During a battle, there are times you have to Guard, so make the most of these moments!

The Sword can also execute a Rising Slash attack. Sometimes the short reach of a Sword will leave you less than satisfied when facing a large monster. That's where the Rising Slash comes in. With it, you can reach up higher and attack the weak points of a monster. You can also execute this attack from a Guard stance.

Another one of the benefits of a Sword is the fact that they do not require a vast quantity of materials to create or improve. The prices they command are also less than comparable weapons in other classes and Swords can be improved into powerful Dual Blades.

Large numbers, an abundance of attributes, and easy to acquire. These are all the strengths of a Sword. You, too, should give a Sword a try today!

[edit] Great Swords

[Practical Hunting -Great Sword-]

Alright, I’m a hunter… But now what weapon should I be using…!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition we will cover Great Swords.

Many people feel that Great Swords are just large blades, and lack any sort of flexibility. However, the truth is that they are an incredibly deep class of weapon. Sure, it may take time before they can unleash an attack, and they may leave you open for too long afterwards, but they make up for this with ease of use, range, and power.

Great Swords have three types of attacks. After one type of attack, it is possible to link to one of the two remaining types. You can also continue to connect these different attacks until you have used all three. Moreover, by pressing left and right on the analog stick with an attack, you can continue to attack while changing directions.

On top o a normal horizontal slash, you have the option of charging it up by holding down the Tri.png button. You’re vulnerable when you’re charging, but the power you store up can cut through anything in one go, so why not give it a try when you can!

Great Swords can be drawn and used immediately for an attack. The Great Sword is also able to hit high place, so it is effective against giant flying wyverns. While your sword is drawn, pressing the O.png button will allow you to unleash a quick circular attack. The wide range of this attack is especially useful when surrounded by monsters.

These techniques can be used whether you are surrounded by giant wyverns or small monsters. After an attack, you can connect with another attack, or quickly move into evasive actions. Since Great Swords have a balanced Guard and powerful attacks, they are said to be the lead player in a hunt.

However, one should be aware of one point. The power of a Great Sword’s attacks changes depending on where they land. If the Sword lands near the hilt or tip, instead of its sweet spot, it will not do any significant damage. This is something that you will have to become accustomed to when using a Great Sword.

Enormous attack range, the ability to string together attacks, high attack strength. These are said to be the greatest points of the Great Sword. Shouldn’t you give one a try?

[edit] Hammer

[Practical Hunting -Hammer-]

Alright, I’m a hunter… But now what weapon should I be using…!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition we will cover the Hammer.

There are many who feel the Hammer is deficient because it can’t Guard, and has a large interval between attacks; however, the truth is that the Hammer is a truly deep weapon. Sure, it lacks variation in its combos and there is a long gap between attacks, but it makes up for it with light footwork and a wide variety of charged attacks.

Like a Great Sword or a Lance, a Hammer’s attacks are heavy and strong; however, unlike those weapons, you can even run brandishing a Hammer. It is a weapon of limitless merits, with the ability to change with varying situations. With it you can launch any type of attack, and still be able to move with haste.

By pressing the (R) button, you can charge up for an attack. These charged attacks can be unleashed at three levels of power, depending on how long they are charged. By charging to the final level of power, you can unleash a devastating combo while moving, or an incredible smashing attack launched from a stationary position.

It you are executing a combo attack, you can press the Tri.png button during a combo to unleash one of the two attacks. These attacks have intense destructive power. They also compensate for the Hammer’s lack of Guard.

However these awesome charged attacks drain Stamina if you continually charge. Since charging an attack to unleash on a wyvern takes a great deal of time, you should drink Power Juice to bolster your Stamina for the fight.

Furthermore, Hammer’s have a valuable special effect. It is called stun. I’m sure that you, like me, have had an incredibly large object fall onto your head at terminal velocity. Everyone has one time or another, right!? Well, a hammer can cause similar effects. Just hit a monster over the head for an absolutely stunning blow!

Light on its feet, with a variety of charged attacks. These are considered the greatest advantages of a Hammer. Care to go for a smash?

[edit] Lance

[Practical Hunting -Lance-]

Alright, I’m a hunter… But now what weapon should I be using…!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition we will cover the Lance.

There are many people who feel a Lance is too slow and that its attacks are too simple, but the truth is this weapon has great potential. Sure, when it is drawn, a Lance slows you down, and other weapons have a wider range of attacks; however, a Lance has great Guard ability; charging attacks, and combos.

Thanks to its large shield, using a Lance to block a wyvern’s attack will not break your stance. Moreover, by holding the (R) button, you can move and attack while Guarding.

You can also press the Tri.png button + O.png button to execute a charge attack. Use this attack to break out from a siege by a small monsters, or to damage a wyvern from head to tail by running it through.

You can string together up to three standard thrusting attacks, and by pressing the (X) button plus the analog stick left, right or backwards, you can dodge in any of these three directions. This move is not only to avoid an enemy, but also to gain small advantages in position.

Lance users are also granted the privilege of executing consecutive evades. During an evade, you can execute another evade by using the (X) button. You can connect up to three of these defensive maneuvers in a row. Evade in the same direction or side to side to put an enemy at the perfect distance for an attack.

With top quality Guard, strong attacks, and adjustable combos, the Lance is said to be an incredibly balanced weapon. Moreover, it has a longer reach than other weapons and it can cut through armor with its exceptional Sharpness. One can’t say enough great things about Lances.

Terrific balance, an all-purpose weapon. That is a Lance. Shouldn’t you take a stab at using one?

[edit] Dual Blades

[Practical Hunting –Dual Blades-]

Alright, I’m a hunter… But now what weapon should I be using…!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition we will cover Dual Blades.

There are many people who discount Dual Blades because they cannot Guard and their Sharpness decreases quickly; however, they are actually remarkable weapons. It’s true that they can’t Guard and their Sharpness drops quickly, but they make up for this by being easy to obtain, superb attribute attacks and Demonization.

Dual Blades are notable for many different abilities. By pressing the (R) button, you can enter into Demonization mode. In this mode, in exchange for consuming Stamina, you can unleash a stunning array of combination attacks. Most notable is the destructive Devilish Dance attack that can be launched by pressing the Tri.png button + O.png button.

If you unleash a Devilish Dance when a monster is paralyzed or immobilized in a Pitfall Trap, it will be devastatingly effective. Add a Power Juice to maintain your Stamina, and no enemies will be able to survive before your Dual Blades.

Sharpness is quick to drop, but even if Sharpness drops, or the attack is broken, attribute attacks are still likely to cause damage. Compared to a Sword, Dual Blades do not have many Abnormal Status attacks; however, they do have more than enough models capable of attribute attacks like Water or Fire.

Just like a Sword, Dual Blades are easy to obtain. Since they are small, And despite the small amount of materials required, there’s great variety within the class. Just remember you need a pair of materials to make a pair of blades, thus item gathering is absolutely key.

Easy to obtain, with devastating combos and attribute attacks. These are strong points of Dual Blades. Care to take a set for a spin?

[edit] Long Sword

[Practical Hunting –Long Sword-]

Alright, I’m a hunter… But now what weapon should I be using…!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition we will cover Long Swords.

Long Swords appear amazing, but when compared to Great Swords they lack power and the ability to Guard… Or so say many of the Long Sword’s detractors. It is true that Long Swords aren’t as powerful, and they cannot Guard, so you must be careful in your movements, but they make for this with numerous special abilities.

Unlike Great Swords, Long Swords are very light. This leads to incredible agility. Once drawn, a hunter is still able to run with Sword at the ready, an ability that cannot be dismissed. For one, it increases the number of opportunities you have to attack. The agility to rush and attack is where a Long Sword exhibits its worth.

While there is a great deal of work to be done when controlling a Long Sword, its range allows you to destroy parts of a monster with ease. Even if a tail or wing is slightly elevated, using a Long Sword makes this simply a matter of aim and slash. Lower targets will also suffer at the hands of a Long Sword’s pinpoint accuracy.

Now allow me to explain the Spirit gauge. As you attack, you charge up the Spirit gauge, if you’ve charged your Spirit Gauge, you can transfer that energy into a powerful attack called a Spirit Blade attack! The more energy charged into the gauge, the stronger the attack will become. Also, when the gauge is blinking, your Sword is supremely sharp.

The Spirit Gauge does reduce as time passes, If it is exhausted, so is the spirit that previously wrapped your Long Sword, and the power of the Spirit Blade previously had will evaporate. That is why you must keep an eye on your gauge’s status. If you are in a battle with a powerful foe, keep attacking to fill up your gauge and continue raining down pain!

In another similarity to Great Swords, you must be aware that a Long Sword’s damage will change depending on where you land your attacks. If you strike with the sweet spot instead of the hilt or tip of the blade, you are likely to cause more damage than usual. Understanding proper striking ranges; however, only comes with practice.

A barrage of attacks and deadly range for slicing off parts of a monster! All of these make the Long Sword a formidable weapon. Who says size doesn’t matter!?

[edit] Gunlance

[Practical Hunting -Gunlance-]

Alright, I’m a hunter… But now what weapon should I be using…!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition we will cover the Gunlance.

There are those who will say a Gunlance is slow, lacks power, and is difficult to use; however, those in the know understand its true depth. When the weapon is at the read, a hunter may indeed be slowed, and being circled by even a weak pack of beasts is a difficult task, but in return, you have exemplary Guard, multiple attack types, and Wyvern’s Fire.

Just like a Lance, the Gunlance sports an enormous shield, and thus can Guard against the strong attacks of a wyvern without making a hunter break his or her stance. You can also hold down the (R) button to attack and move while Guarding.

It is no slouch in the attack department either. Use the Tri.png button to stab like a Lance, or press the O.png button to fire devastating shells. This power allows you to inflict continuous damage. Moreover, Shelling attacks are unaffected by an enemy’s armor. Just be aware that drops in Sharpness can negatively impact Shelling functions.

Now, allow me to enlighten you on the three varieties of Gunlance shots: Normal, Spread, and Long. In general, Spread shots are the most powerful, while Normal shots are the weakest of the three. The wear and tear each type does to the Gunlance’s sharpness corresponds accordingly.

You can usually load up to 5 Normal shots at once on most Gunlances, while you can only load up to 2 Spread shots. The max number of Long shots is variable, but don’t look down on it. Out of the three types, Long shots travel the farthest. Certain Gunlances are better in certain situations, so I suggest you mix it up and see what works best for you.

A Gunlance is also similar to a Lance with regards to evasion methods. Normally you can only execute a back step; however, by pressing the Tri.png button right after an attack you can perform a large back step, or a sidestep – perfect for setting up proper attack distance. Unfortunately, the weight of the weapon prevents consecutive evades.

The core of the Gunlance’s special abilities is in a technique called Wyvern’s Fire. While it takes time to execute, its power is beyond description. It is truly a trump card against huge monsters. Unfortunately, Wyvern’s Fire drastically reduces Sharpness, and once executed, the technique’s cool down period is long, preventing consecutive uses.

If you are looking for a weapon read to face down the strongest and baddest of monsters, look no further than the Gunlance. In many ways, it is the best of both worlds!

[edit] Hunting Horn

[Practical Hunting –Hunting Horn-]

Alright, I’m a hunter… But now what weapon should I be using…!? There must be hunters thinking this right now. This report is aimed at these hunters, and in this edition we will cover the Hunting Horn.

The Hunting Horn… Oh that’s just some slow weapon that takes a genius to actually use! Or so say this marvelous weapon’s naysayers. It is a heavy weapon, this it slows one’s movements, and the gap between attacks is long. However, its remarkable Recital ability more than makes up for these shortcomings.

It would be a bit of a stretch to say that the Hunting Horn’s attacks were easy to use, as one’s foot speed with the weapon at the ready is snail-like. One can overcome this flaw by pressing the (R) button to string a white and purple note together, triggering the Self-Improvement melody effect and raising foot speed; an absolutely essential technique.

When it comes to power, the Hunting Horn rivals the Hammer. Pressing the Tri.png buttons allows combo attacks, while holding the button allows for side to side swings. These attacks are all of the highest order and mastering them will prove worth the effort. Also, pressing the (R) button after an attack will quickly launch you into Recital Mode.

You can also stun a monster in the same manner as a Hammer simply by pressing the Tri.png button or the O.png button and the Tri.png button to launch an attack aimed at the beast’s head. So take aim and let your horn fly!

The playable notes for each Hunting Horn are predetermined. During creation and improvement, you can confirm which three notes the horn is capable of playing. These notes are important when considering melodies that raise Attack or shorten Recovery time. A special set of sheet music has been prepared to help open up this brave new world.

Powerful attacks are even more powerful power ups! There’s a whole lot of power to be found when using the Hunting Horn!

[edit] Hunting Horn Sheet Music

[Special Supplement: Sheet Music by Horn Type]

You’ve been using your Hunting Horn, haven’t you!? The true strength of a Hunting Horn is in the beautiful and powerful melodies it can create. Their effects can power you to new heights.

There are many different types of melodies you can play with a Hunting Horn, and their combination will trigger special effects. The combination will trigger special effects. The following pages are a guide to these melodies and the effects they can cause. Remember them and you will be well on your way to becoming a top rate Hunting Horn player.


As you can see, the Hunting Horn can cause lots of marvelous effects, but you must keep in mind that each Horn has its own tone. Horns able to hit the (PURPLE) note can trigger great effects, and are prized as the best of the best among Hunting Horns.

What kind of effect are you after?
Are you fighting alone?
Are you there to support your friends?
No matter what the situation, there is a Hunting Horn for you. All you must do is remember that Hunting Horn selection is key!

[edit] Hunting Horn Sheet Music at a Glance

[Special Supplement: Sheet Music by Horn Type]

Have you been using your Hunting Horn lately? As you are probably already aware, the true power of a Hunting Horn lies in the effects its beautiful melodies can create. In this issue, we’ve listed all of these melodies by the type of Horn they can be played on.

  • Hunting Horn Type: General Sheet Music
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