Tranquilizing Guru

Tranquilizing Guru is a very useful skill that allows your hunter to detect when a monster is weakened enough to be captured. This ability requires a Paintball in order to work, as it changes a painted monster's mark on your map from pink to yellow when your enemy is weak. This skill is fantastic if you are finding it hard to beat a monster in the given time limit, or if you want to farm in the fastest possible time. It should be noted that capturing a monster requires Tranquilizers, so don't forget them or your skill will be a bit of a waste.

[edit] How To Get Tranquilizing Guru

In order to activate Tranquilizing Guru, you will need to accumulate a total of ten Perceive skill points. In order to gather these points you can use:

  • Perceive Jewels - 1 slot - (Perceive+2)

You can also use the following armor set to obtain the skill:

  • Tigrex Mail X (G Rank Tigrex)

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