Village Elder

In each Monster Hunter game, the Village Elder is the NPC (Non-Playable Character) that begins the player's adventure. The Village Elder gives the player low level and intermediate-level quests, as well as basic training.

The Village Elder in each game is the representative of the Villagers to the Guild and Hunters. They receive low-level quests from the Hunter's Guild for their hunters to take on their own. So far there are three known elders, The elder of Kokoto Village, Pokke Village and Moga Village.


[edit] Kokoto Elder

A retired Hunter who decided to pass on his skills to new hunters of the village, even handing down his sword to whoever could defeat a Rathalos. When he was young, he was saved by a nameless hunter and from that day decided to become a great Hunter while his brother moved on the organize the Guild to make hunting an industry. As a hunter, he protected Kokoto numerous times until a vicious Monoblos injured him.

[edit] Pokke Elder and Nekoht

The Elder' is the daughter of a great hunter who sealed both Akantor and Ukanlos in order to protect Pokke, she has dedicated her life to ensuring the safety of her village so that her father's sacrifice wouldn't be in vain. Friend of Nekoht, who offers secret missions under the table to avoid guild detection.

Nekoht is an enigmatic and mystical Felyne that acts as the provider of 'high rank' elder quests. These quests were added to Monster Hunter Freedom Unite as a way to expand the offline content, and introduce new enemies to the elder quests. Nekoht's quests range between 7stars and 9stars of difficulty, and roughly approximate to the HR4-6 quests found in the Gathering Hall.

[edit] Moga Elder

The village chief of Moga who bought Guild support to determine the cause of tremors that have been putting the village in danger. His son seems to have experience in local wilderness and provides some training to new hunters that travel to the village.

[edit] Yukumo Matriarch

A much younger chief than in previous titles, the matriarch appears to lead Yukumo village much like the others though her full role and relationship to the hunters is currently unknown. She is seen to be wearing a pink kimono style outfit.

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