An array of Non-player Characters that the player can talk to outside of missions in the various villages and towns throughout the series. Some have no function in particular, mostly talk about the latest exploits of the hunter or foreshadowing a future danger. Others run stores and have side stories of their own to tell, their role has apparently been expanded in Monster Hunter 3 as Moga Village grows and becomes more populated as the player progresses.

[edit] Kokoto Villagers

[edit] Pokke Villagers

  • Armor and Weapon Vendor

A blacksmith and felyne salesman. The Blacksmith forges weapons and armor from materials gained during quests and at the farm. The felyne will sell low-rank weapons and armor for slightly above creation prices, but materials aren't needed. During certain points in the game, the blacksmith will give the player Jewels or Armor Spheres and the felyne will add more armors to their inventory.

  • Village Hunter

A retired hunter who found the player character unconscious in the mountains at the start of the game, introduces the player to the village. Stands outside of the player's house near a pair of talking villagers.

Sells farm upgrades and items to the player for Pokke Points. Must be spoken to before the farm becomes available to the player. Will inform the player of new upgrades available after certain quests have been cleared. Gives a tutorial on Pokke Points if the player asks.

  • Chatting Villagers

A pair of unnamed NPCs who are constantly talk to eachother, one will talk about previous exploits of the player while the other foreshadows future threats.

  • Felyne

Two felyne are in the village, one stands by the entrance of the village while the other walks around by the shops. The one by the entrance talks about local legends and will warn of specific creatures such as Akantor. The other will talk about another hunter that used to live in Pokke but left for unknown reasons and eventually thinking that they were disgraced and planned on exacting revenge on the town over it. Later however this Mystery Hunter turns out to be a complete ditz who doesn't even remember the town.

  • Guild Researcher

A wyverian elder who will talk about rare monsters and elder dragons. Eventually he will talk about a pupil of his that was sent on a particularly difficult research assignment years ago and hasn't been heard from since. Once the player has defeated Ukanlos, the researcher will state that he has gotten word from his student, who is now a top researcher where they reside and even have students of their own.

The Peddling Granny is a vendor of cheap and otherwise unbuyable items such as the Farcaster and Catalyst. After you complete a quest, she changes her stock and has a different pre-set list of items available. In general her items are around half the price of those purchased from standard vendors (such as the lady in the Gathering Hall), so the best bet is to buy what you need in bulk to save money and to ensure that you have enough to last.

It should be noted that there is/was a download that added a stock of other essential items to the Peddling Granny's shop, including Meat and Flashbugs.

[edit] Moga Villagers

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