[edit] Volcano Description

The Volcano Area of MH2, MHF2 and MHP2G (Pokke Region)

The Volcano has a hot climate and cold drinks or equivalent gear is a must while gathering, mining and hunting in the area. Commonly found monsters are:

The more dangerous monsters that can be found are

...and on Special Hunts occasions:

[edit] The Battleground

The volcano is home to the special zone known simply as "The Battleground", it is located deep in the heart of the volcanic belt and is the site of several fierce battles. Monsters fought in the Battlefield include Akantor, Kirin, and even Crimson Fatalis.

[edit] Mining

The Volcano area is known to have some of the best mining if you aren't afraid of the heat. Read on for the endless list of obtainable goodies...

  • Carbalite Ore
  • Disk Stone
  • Dragonite Ore
  • Earth Crystal
  • Firestone
  • Firecell Stone
  • Iron Ore
  • Machalite Ore
  • Nova Crystal
  • Rainbow Ore
  • Stone
  • Union Ore
  • Antiseptic Stone

(Although, depending on your Hunter Rank, a few of the above and below may be unnatainable.) The additional stones that can be obtained in the Volcano (Note, some require your hunter to carry them in his/her arms, leaving him/her defenceless):

  • Goldstone Piece
  • Coal
  • Sootstone
  • Quartz Ore
  • Powderstone

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