Volcano (MH3)

The Volcano Area of MH3 (Moga Region)

This iteration of the volcanic region appears in all third generation games. It starts with low lying forested and shoreline areas populated by sparse plant, insect, and small monsters. Moving further into the volcanic region requires either cool drinks or heat resist skills to traverse safely.

Mining resources respawn every 4-5 minutes in area 5.


[edit] Resources

Plants:Herb, Antidote sHerb, Ivy, Sap Plant, Hot Pepper, Fire Herb

Mushrooms: Dragon Toadstool

Berries:Paintberry, Scatternut, Needleberry, Bomberry, Might Seed, Adamant Seed, Firedouse Berry, Dragonfell Berry

Bugs:Bitterbug, Killer beetle, Godbug, Flashbug, Rare Scarab, Thunderbug, Cricket, Silver Cricket (money item)

Ores:Whetstone, Iron Ore, Machilite Ore, Dragonite Ore, Earth Crystal, Firestone, Rustshard

Fish:Sushifish, Glutton Tuna, Scatterfish

Spheres:Armor Sphere, Armor Sphere+, Adv Armor sphere, hrd armor sphere, hvy Armor sphere

Upper Rank: Carbalite Ore, Firecell Stone, Ancientshard, hrd armor sphere, hvy armor sphere, bloodrun jewel, Lazurite Jewel, Timeworm Charm

[edit] Veggie Elder

Trade Items Offers
Powderstone Cold Drink
Wyvern Tears Mega Pickaxe


  • First-aid Med
  • Ration
  • Old Pickaxe
  • Iron Pickaxe
  • Adamant Pill
  • Psychoserum
  • cool Drink
  • Mega Pickaxe
  • EZ shock trap
  • Tuna Bait
  • Felvine Bomb
  • Poison Smoke Bomb
  • Immunizer

[edit] Monsters

Monsters that can be fought here include:

[edit] Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

This rendition of the Volcano makes a return in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, and appears to have no significant changes as of yet.

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