A Window into the World of Skills (MHF2)


[edit] About skills

[Skills Even A Conga Understands -1-]

If you are ever going to end up at the top of the hunting heap, you must learn how to master Skills... Too bad they are so hard to understand! We've made this four part guide for hunters who need a helping hand understanding Skills.

This part of the guide will cover the basics of Skills. Skills are special abilities that support all facets of a hunter's life, from movement and status to gathering and combining, with attack and defense in between. If you master their use, your world will expand leaps and bounds.

To activate a skill, you must accumulate more than 10 of its Skill Points. Skill Points are set when a piece of armor is created but can be augmented with Decorations. These Decorations fit into Slots found on armor or weapons and activate Skill effects.

Basically, all Skills are initially triggered by having at least 10 Skill Points in one skill. Some Skills have more powerful versions triggered by accumulating 15 or 20 Skill Points. There are some Skills with only one level, while other Skills have up to three.

When a Skill has two levels of power, the amount of points required depends on the skill. Take the Faint line of Skills for instance. 10 Faint Skill Points will trigger Faint Probability Halved, while 15 points activates Faint Negated. The Wide Area Skill called Wide Area +1 is triggered by 10 points, while Wide Area +2 needs 20.

Depending on the Skill, there is one more thing you should keep in mind. Skill Points can also reach negative levels. If you hit -10 Skill Points, you will trigger an effect with a negative impact. For instance, having more than -10 Faint Skill Points activates the Faint Duration Doubled Skill.

Of course, no hunter is out to trigger a negative Skill; however, sometimes setting out to trigger a positive skill will bring with it some of the negative. Sometimes you just have to learn to live with the bad amongst the good and cope with the less beneficial Skills.

Clearly, mastering Skills is an important effort for the serious hunter. Creating many pieces of armor and Decorations will allow you to try various Skills. There is sure to be one that suits you.

That is all for our introduction to the basics of Skills. But as a parting gift, allow us to introduce a very special Skill. This Skill is called Divine Protection. Divine Protection will occasionally reduce the damage taken from monsters. Its effect isn't always a certainty, but it can prove useful.

[edit] Skills Detail 1

[Skills Even A Conga Understands -2-]

Welcome to the second part of our guide on Skills for the less than skilled hunters out there. This edition will introduce Skills that assist in gathering materials.

Many hunters feel that the Pickaxes or Bugnets they take with them on a Quest all seem to break so easily... There is a perfect set of Skills for these hunters called Whim Skills. If you activate the Whim Skill called Spirit's Whim, your Pickaxes and Bugnets will be much harder to break. This skill also seems to have an effect on Flutes and Boomerangs!

There is also a great Skill for those who are terrible at bringing Eggs or special ores back to camp. It is called Backpacking Expert! It doesn't just raise your speed while carrying something, it also allows you to fall from heights that would normally crack an Egg. But there is still a limit to how far you can fall, so don't be too overconfident!

For those who just want a little more reward from a Quest, the Fate set of Skills is wonderful. If you activate the Good Luck Skill, your chances for a greater than usual reward from a Quest will increase. However, the extra rewards for Capturing a monster or destroying parts of a monster will not be affected by this Skill.

For those who have to have monster materials, they should go for the Carving set of Skills. The first of these skills would be the Carving Iron Man, which lowers the chance of being interrupted while gathering, while the second level, Carving Celebrity, increases the number of times you can carve a monster! Celebrities get the most out of life... Even with Skills!

The thing you must remember is that even though these Gathering assistance Skills are useful, they will have very little effect on the tide of a battle. If you want to face off against powerfull monsters, or provide support when working with other hunters, more battle oriented Skills would be best. Matching the Skill to the situation is truly key!

[edit] Skills Details 2

[Skills Even A Conga Understands -3-]

Welcome to the third part of our guide on Skills for the less than skilled hunters out there. This edition will introduce Skills that protect one from the dangers of monsters.

When in battle, one must be aware of Abnormal Status, Poison, Paralysis, Sleep, Faint, or becoming a snowman can ruin your day no matter how much Health or preparedness you began with. Defend agains these with Skills like Poison Negated. These types of Skills are essential when facing off monsters who often use Abnormal Status attacks.

Phisically protect yourself with Guard Skills. If you Guard an enemy's attack, you may still get knocked clear across a field, but the Guard+ Skill will prevent you from leaving your feet during battle. Furthermore th Guard Increase Skill will let you block attacks you normally could not. This Skill is perfect for Heavy Bowgun users.

For users of weapons that have no Guard features, I recommend the Hearing Protection Skill. The only way to prevent rupturing your eardrums from a monster's roar is to drop your Guard and plug your ears. But if you gather 15 Skill Points in Hearing Protection, you'll trigger High Grade Earplug and never have to worry about covering your ears again.

When fighting a wyvern or giant monster. Wind Pressure can truly cause a hunter problems. When a monster flaps its wings or lands, the Wind Breaker Skill will keep you upright. However, to stave off the Dragon Wind of an elder dragon, you will need 20 points to trigger the Dragon Wind Breaker Skill.

Beyond the Skills for special conditions above, there are also many other Skills that do things such as raise Defense or increase elemental resistance. If you accumulate 20 Defense Skill Points, your Defense will raise by 40, making it sure to be a Skill you rely upon. As you use Defensive Skills, you raise your overall chances of survival.

[edit] Skills Details 3

[Skills Even A Conga Understands -4-]

Welcome to the fourth part of our guide on Skills for the less than skilled hunters out there. This final edition introduces Attack Skills perfect for the ofensive hunter.

Melee weapon users face a serious threat when their attacks bounce off an incredibly hard monster. Many hunters have been defeated in the opening created by a failed attack. To avoid this kind of situation, the ESP Skill from the Fencing Skill class will allow you to strike a hard monster without fear of creating an opening.

In the Expert Skill class, there is a Skill called Reckless Abandon which raises one's Affinity. Affinity dictates the rate at which your weapon will unleash a powerful attack, and thus a Skill that raises this number is incredibly useful to both melee and ranged weapon users.

A great Skill for those who wish to always attack from a distance is Speed fire. It allows Bowgun users to attack without reloading, and shortens the amount of time a Bow user must charge an attack. However, Rapid Fire Shells on a Light Bowgun still require reloading and the recoil can be greater than normal.

The Load Up Skill is a wonderful Skill for those looking to get the most out of their bows. It unlocks the fabled fourth power level of charge attacks. When used by Bowgun users, it allows you to load an extra shell into your Bowgun.

Other standard Offensive Skills worth mentioning are Attack Up, which raises attack power, Element Attack Up, which raises elemental attack power, and Abnormal Status Attack Up, which increases the potency of you Abnormal Status Attacks. Match each Skill to the situation and reap the benefits.

There are also many other Skills that are quite useful. The Autotracker Skill, which displays a monster's location, can prove invaluable in many situations. A true hunter should try many Skills and find the ones that fit their own personal style best. This is the first step to being a first class hunter!

[edit] About Kitchen skills

[Kitchen Skills Even A Blango Could Love -1-]

If you are ever going to be the best of the best, you better master Kitchen Skills, nya! Hey! No laughing! A cat's Kitchen Skills are serious business, meow! They are just as important as regular skills, with amazing effects to boot!

The first thing I will explain is how to acquire Kitchen Skills, meow. When you have a Felyne make you food in the Felyne Kitchen, the food you eat may trigger a skill depending on the whim of the Felyne. But just having a Felyne make you food isn't enough to trigger these skills, nya!

Each and every Felyne that becomes a chef has a special ingredient that they are particularly fond of, nya. If you have them use that to make food, you may receive a wonderful skill along with your dinner! The only negative to this is that the skill's effects only last for one quest, meow.

What kind of skill will warm your stomach depends on the Felyne cooking your meal. Each Felyne has three skills they can infuse into your meal. You can confirm which skills each Felyne is capable of when you hire them, nya!

The trick is to hire the Felynes with the best skills and then give them the best ingredients so they cook you the best dinner. That doesn't mean you'll always get a great skill, nya, but Felynes with a high Kitchen Level are more likely to trigger a skill. You should use them to make your meals, meow!

If you've got a few Felynes that have different special ingredients, you should try mixing ingredients from different categories as opposed to going with the same kind of food. I think, meow. In the next edition of Whim Skills even A Blango Could Love, I'll explain some of the puurfect Felyne Whim Skills! Make sure to read it, nya!

[edit] Kitchen Skills 1

[Kitchen Skills Even A Blango Could Love -2-]

This series of articles is to introduce the hunters of the world to the wonders of Kitchen Skills, nya! In this second edition of the series, we will go over basic Kitchen Skills.

-Felyne Frugality- If you activate this skill, you will become an expert at properly using items, nya. For instance, items like Pickaxes or Bugnets that are prone to falling apart will suddenly be a bit harder to break, meow.

-Felyne Kickboxer- By activating the Felyne Kickboxer skill, the power of your kicks will skyrocket, nya! Kick! Kick! Kick! Meow! Kick! That's not to say your kicks were weak to begin with, meow.

-Felyne Throw- This skill will increase the damage cause by throw attacks like throwing a Stone, nya! And not just Stones, but Throwing Knives and Boomerangs also receive a boost in power, meow. Throwing Knives are special Supply items you can get on Training School or Treasure Hunter Quests, nya.

-Felyne Great Break- If you use a melee weapon, you know what happens when you strike a hard rock or monster... The weapon just bounces right back, nya! This Felyne Whim Skill will increase your Sharpness beyond its normal level and allow you to release a crushing blow even when striking something hard.

-Felyne Culinary Arts- When you are a master of the Felyne Culinary Arts skill, it will be even easier that usual to make incredibly tasty meat, nya. Where once you would have cooked up some Rare Steak, the same timing will now make Well-Done Steak, meow! Is that great or what?

-Felyne Negotiations- Triggering this skill will cause you to become amiable to a variety of converstaions. The fickle Veggie Elders will give you nice items, and items stolen by the Melynx will find their way home much more easily, nya. It is a simple, but useful skill, meow.

-Felyne Woodwinds- Sometimes, when using a Flute, you will find the item suddenly breaks. With this skill, that Flute will have a much harder time breaking on you, meow! Nya!? You use a Hunting Horn? I've got no idea what this skill does for those, nya!

-Felyne Charisma- With the Felyne Charisma Skill, you will find yourself getting into long conversations with the strangest of people, nya. In the field, some people in particular are turned off by idle chat. With this skill, you should be able to coax them into conversation, meow!

-Felyne Ballooner- Out in the field, you occasionally see balloons aloft from the Elder Dragon Observation Center, nya. With this skill, the wonderful aura of the Felyne will attract these balloons towards you. I think, meow. Of course, it doesn't make much sense to have this skill if no balloons are in the area...

-Felyne Blunt Force- The Felyne Blunt Force skill will dramatically increase the power of weapons without Sharpness several times over. Nya... Weapons without Sharpness... That must be a Bowgun, nya! Which means several times over isn't quite so impressive, meow...

-Felyne Temper- With this skill activated, the spirit of the crazed gunslinger inside each and every Felyne will be awakened inside of you, and the power of your Bowgun or Bow will soar, meow! But it also means your shells or arrows won't travel nearly as far as usual, nya. That's the way things go when you're this small...

Meow? None of those skills tickled your fancy, nya? Well, have no fear, because this is not the end of the Felyne Whim Skills! There are more purrfect skills to be shown, so look forward to the next edition, meow!

[edit] Kitchen Skills 2

[Kitchen Skills Even A Blango Could Love -3-]

This series of articles is to introduce the hunters of the world to the wonders of Felyne Whim Skills, nya! This is the third edition, nya! Are you starting to understand how wonderful Felyne Whim Skills are!?

-Felyne Gathering- If you activate this Skill and head out into the field on a gathering mission, you are sure to find more than expected, nya. You'll never come home disappointed again! This is a purrfect Skill for when you are after something special, meow!

-Felyne Escape- If you have this great Skill activated, your escapes from giant monsters or scary wyverns will chew up much less Stamina than normal, nya. You'll never have to worry about running yourself ragged ever again. Now your dashes in fear will last much longer, meow!

-Felyne Heroics- When this Skill is activated, hunters who find themselves in a jam will also find themselves endowed with even greater power, nya. Your attacks will be stronger, your defenses more powerful... Even your stories after the battle will be better, meow!

-Felyne Aim- When you have been graced with this Skill, the Normal S you often fire from your Bowgun will be even more powerful, nya. It will be as powerful as a level 1 charged arrow from a Bow! Sure it's just one shot, but pile them on and it will surely add up! Too bad this Skill won't help melee users at all, nya.

Felyne Medicine- This Skill will give all your normal medicines and herbs a little pick me up, nya. Your regular Herbs will recover more Health than usual, while Antidote Herbs will be even more effective, meow.

-Felyne Gastronomy- Felynes love fish, nya! With this Skill, you too will have the aura of a fish lover, and any time you eat fish, you will also recover some Stamina, nya! Fishies sure are tasty, meow! ...You don't have any do nya?

-Felyne Defense- With this Skill activated, a monster's attack will occasionally cause less damage, nya. Sure, it is a simple Skill... But how many Skills do you know of that can save your life, meow!?

-Felyne Vine Climber- Felynes are absolute specialists at climbing up to high places! With this Skill, you will be darting up vines like Jack up the beanstalk! You'll never have to worry about getting tired because this Skill also reduces Stamina reduction, meow!

-Felyne Combine- With this Skill active, your chances at success during Combining will be increased, meow! It's just like having a Book of Combos! Or at least I think it is just like that, nya. When you fight a powerful wyvern, this is a Skill you'll surely want to have, meow!

-Felyne Martial Arts- With this Skill active, your evades or Guards will eat up less Stamina than before, nya. For weapons without Guard, such as a Bow or Dual Blades, evades are absolutely critical, meow. This Skill is like a panacea that allows you to evade and fight with glee, nya.

-Felyne Strongcat- Say you are carrying an Egg and some insects attack you... The Egg would drop, nya? Well, with this Skill activated, that will be a thing of the past! If you combine it with an item called Power Juice, Eggs and Powderstones will no longer cause you stress, meow! This is a great skill for Treasure Hunters, nya!

Felyne Fighter- With the Felyne Fighter Skill activated, the power of your punch will be launched into the stratosphere, nya! Huh? Punch!? What's a punch you ask? Well, maybe you should try a gesture called a Taunt... Just don't get your hopes up for something too special, meow.

So what do you think, nya? Felyne Whim Skills are purrty incredible, meow!? There're lots of things that set them apart from regular Skills! Wait... You aren't sold on our whims yet? Well, then I guess I will just have to convince you with one last section on Felyne Whim Skills, meow!

[edit] Kitchen Skills 3

[Kitchen Skills Even A Blango Could Love -4-]

This series of articles is to introduce the hunters of the world to the wonders of Felyne Whim Skills, nya! There is no need to waste your time in this final edition of the series, so let's just get to explaining some skills, meow!

-Felyne Supercarver- With the felyne supercarver skill activated, you'll never worry about being attack by monsters while carving again, nya! After all, you're the supercarver! Just be carefull... No matter how super you are, a super strong attack will still hurt you, nya. This skill works for little attacks, like insects, meow.

-Felyne Gunpodwer- With this skill activated, the power of Large Barrel-Bombs and Small Barrel-Bombs will increase, nya! Only a felyne could produce a skill like this, don't you think? Nya? Large Barrel-Bomb+, meow? we don't use such uncouth weapons, nya!

-Felyne Vine Master- When the Felyne Vine Master skill is activated and you climb up a vine, small pests will no longer be able to pester you, meow. Imagine power so strong that the poking of insects will no longer cause you to fall. Amazing, nya!

-Felyne Explorer- At the beginning of a High Rank Quest, you may start in a spot you've never seen before. But sometimes these spots are filled with unknown delights, nya. With this skill, you will always head to these kinds of lovely undiscovered spots, meow. Just remember it has no effect on Low Rank Quests.

-Felyne Special Attack- With the Felyne Special Attack skill, weapons that can cause abnormal statuses will be able to cause these adverse effects more easily, meow. This is a purrfect skill to match with a sword or bowgun, nya. Those beastly monsters will never see it coming! At least I don't think they will!

-Felyne Supercat- The Felyne Supercat skill will make carrying Eggs and such a thing of ease because your Stamina will be much more difficult to decrease, meoqw. Combined with Backpacking Expert, Eggs and Powderstones are like the lightest of feathers! Purrfect for Treasure Hunters Quests, nya!

-Felyne Fear Factor- The Felyne Fear Factor skill will fill your Quests with encounters with relatively weak monsters, nya. It's like having a Felyne's nose for danger, meow! Of course, this same nose for danger gets us in trouble sometimes too!

-Felyne Exchanger- With this skill activated, you will receive lots and lots of Pokke points, meow! It's such a shame that the Guild staff in charge of trading points doesn't succumb to our kitty cat charms, meow.

-Felyne Courage- It doesn't matter who you are, when you are out in the field and you run into a wyvern, you will be shocked, meow! However, with this skill, you'll never be surprised again! They always say us Felynes have guts, nya!

-Felyne Resillience- With the Felyne Resillience skill, if a monster knocks you down, you will always be able to get up safely, nya. I have no idea why this works though, meow. I guess its because Felynes always land on their feet!

-Felyne Ultra Lucky Cat- With this skill, the reward you receive at the end of a Quest will be substantially larger, meow! Or so I am told... There is also another great skill like this called Mega Lucky Cat, nya!

Felyne Dismantle- With this skill, the number of times you can carve a monster after it has been slayed will increase, nya. If you activate this skill with a certain wyvern, let's just say woohoo, meow, and woohoo again, nya! But this skill only works sometimes...

That's all of them, nya! You have to be satisfied with that list, right? Now with your understanding of the joys of Kitchen Skills, you can go and enjoy lots of hearty meals at the Felyne Kitchen, meow! We just love to Cook, nya nya nya!

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