Alatreon.pngAlatreon, The Blazing Black Dragon/King of Darkness
Monster TypeElder Dragon
WeaknessesIce (Grounded)/ Dragon (Flying)/Thunder(Flying)
HabitatsSacred Land
First AppearanceMonster Hunter Tri
Appears in:Monster Hunter Tri
Monster Hunter Portable 3rd
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Alatreon is a creature first featured in Monster Hunter 3. Known as the Brilliant Darkness, Alatreon is the final boss of the online mode for Monster Hunter Tri and is found in a new area exclusively for fighting it called the Sacred Land. Alatreon is classified as an elder dragon that has the power of all true elder dragons such as Kushala Daora, Chameleos, Lunastra, and Teostra. Alatreon is also the only monster to date that can use every element. However, it is very unstable and is thus unable to fully utilize its power. It is also said to be able to change the weather.


[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: Blazing black dragons, so named for resembling both lightning and darkness. They mercilessly tear apart whoever touches their sharp scales. Elementally unstable, their actions can affect the very weather. Living natural disasters.

Appearance: Alatreon has a large dragon like body, similar to that of Kushala Daora, accommodating it's large wingspan and tail. body with a dorsal fin running down the majority of its body. Alatreon's head has two elongated curved horns which together form the appearance of a prong. It has large hooked wings and a long spiked tail, with a dorsal fin running down it's back. It's wings contain many bright red veins which as used to intimidate smaller creatures.

Nature: "Currently None"

Alatreon can only be found in the high rank online mode of Monster Hunter Tri. It is the final Urgent mission the player can undertake in that mode.

Alatreon can be fought as soon as Hunter Rank 46 in "The Brilliant Darkness" quest. Completing this quest opens up the 6* quests for the online mode.

Armor and weapon crafts from Alatreon parts boast supremecy above almost all other weapons in their class. Alatreon weapons boast the second highest general raw damage in the game (beaten by Deviljho weapons). Alatreon weapons also have the second highest level of dragon elemental damage (beaten by the fully upgraded Ancient Weapons). Finally, Alatreon weapons boast the highest overall sharpness rating, beating out both ancient weapons, Deviljho weapons, and easily achieve a high purple sharpness when combined with the Armor skill Sharpness+1. Altreon armor, also called Escadora armor boasts very high defense with useful armor skills such as Awaken, Evasion Distance Up, and Blightproof, with neutral resistences to all elements except Dragon element.

[edit] Combat

The Alatreon has many high damaging attacks and two different modes, a Ground Mode and a Flight Mode. These modes consist of different patterns and attacks, and even different weaknesses and resistences. Caution should be exhibited when fighting the Alatreon because it can easily make you faint very quickly if you aren't prepared, it is recommended you bring appropriate armor and items.

[edit] Hunter Tips

For beginners, Alatreon can certainly be a handful. Currently, there are two popular ways to defeat the Alatreon. These include a method called Sleepbombing and just flat out raw damage attacking.

In general tips, you want to be sure to bring cool drinks because the Sacred Land, Alatreon's habitat, is a heated area like the volcano, so you don't want to be constantly losing health. Secondly, all of Alatreon's attacks deal very high damage, so you want to also bring plenty of healing items such as Potions, and, preferably, Mega Potions. You are also going to want to be prepared with certain items to fit your roles in the fight depends on what method your team is planning on using to defeat Alatreon.

Now onto the specific methods of defeating Alatreon:

Raw Damage: This method involves defeating Alatreon like how you have likely been defeating monsters to this point, simply using regular high damage weapons to eventually defeat Alatreon. In this method, you are going to want to bring appropriate weapons and armor. Alatreon has two modes of movement, Ground Mode and Flight Mode. When in ground mode, Alatreon uses Dragon and Fire elements and is weakest to Ice. When in flight mode Alatreon uses Ice, Thunder, and Water (rarely) and is weakest to Dragon. You can tell what mode Alatreon is by the color of the aura running through its veins. Black/Red is ground mode, White/Blue is flight mode. Generally, your teams is going to consist of half of you using Ice weapons and the other half using dragon weapons. Though it isn't uncommon to use a wider assortment of weapons in order to deal damage no matter what mode Alatreon is in. When in flight mode, Alatreon flies generally low to the ground and is relatively easy to hit with your weapons. However, it is recommended that you bring flash bombs so you can stun Alatreon out of the air. It is recommended that you play safe and attack at opportune moments and you will eventually defeat the Alatreon.

Sleepbombing: Bar none, sleepbombing is the most popular, and the most effective method of defeating the Alatreon in order to get all of his breakable parts. Sleepbombing itself is fairly simple. A number of members or the team must bring sleep inducing status weapons. Once Alatreon is put to sleep, the members of the team lay bombs around Alatreon's head or wings (for its horns or webbings respectively). Being more powerful, it is recommended you use Large Barrel Bomb+'s, so you will need gunpowders, Large Barrels, and Scatterfish. Large Barrel Bomb+'s are made by combining Large Barrel Bombs with Scatterfish. And Large Barrel Bombs are made by combining Large Barrels with gunpowder. It is also recommended that you gem in the armor skill Bombardier, so as to further increase the power of bombs and also so you don't have to carry combination books. There are a toatl of four weapons (assuming they are fully upgraded) that have sleep status. They are Bowguns, the Great Azure Lance, the Morpheus Knife Sword and Shield, and the High Chief's Great Sword (High Chief's requires that you have the armor skill Awaken) All of these weapons are effective, but seemingly, bowguns are the most popular weapons to use. If you plan on gunning when Sleepbombing the Alatreon, the recommended armor set is full Uragaan+ Gunner armor. This gives you Recoil Down+2, allowing you to fire the extremely high recoil lv2 status shots. As for the gun set-up. Popular sets include the Jhen Cannon barrel, the Blizzard Cannon Frame, and either the Alatreon or Blizzard Cannon stocks. Of course these are subject to change since bowguns are customizable. As a gunner, you are going to need to be prepared. Not only are you going to need the materials to make bombs, but you are also going to need materials to make more Sleep lv 2 shots. Because these require you to take Sleepyfish and considering you can only carry 12 sleepyfish at a time, you are going to need to have your team partners carry extra sleepyfish for you.

While having as many sleep weapons as possible is great for this method, it is not required. On the contrary, some may find it more helpful to have 1 or 2 raw damage weapons to make killing the Alatreon a bit easier once you have done all the bomb runs you wanted to do.

[edit] Carves

Alatreon can be carved a maximum of 8 times. 6 from the body, 2 from tail.

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[edit] High-Rank


[edit] Guides

Alatreon Guides

[edit] Notes

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