Altaroth.jpgCarrier Insects.
Monster Type:Neopteron
Habitats:Deserted Island
Sandy Plains
Flooded Forest
Misty Peaks
First Appearance:Monster Hunter Tri
Appears In:Monster Hunter Tri
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Altaroth is a non-aggressive Neopteron that first made it's appearance in Monster Hunter Tri for the Wii.

Altaroth make their nests within caves and small wall cracks bordering large underground systems, where it is cooler, usually very close to a food source. It resides in the Deserted Island, Sandy Plains, Flooded Forest, Misty Peaks, and Volcano zones.


[edit] General Information

Official Guild Entry: "Currently None"

Appearance: Insects similar to giant Ants. They are colored with a yellowish green and have sacs that change color depending on the items that they consume. Their head contains a fan shaped crown and vertically aligned jaws. Their size varies, with the larger ones being more aggressive than the smaller ones.

Nature: Non-aggressive, they mainly move in groups and will consume the fluids of herbs and mushrooms, moving to and from food sources. When attacked they will defend themselves with the help of other Altaroth within the group.

[edit] Combat

Altaroth will signal their attempt to attack by snapping it's jaw, before charging towards it's enemy to attack. It's main form of attack is to use it's jaw to inflict biting damage on it's opponent.

The shells of Altaroth are very weak and brittle, where most will explode when attacked. The use of poison to kill them will leave the shell unharmed allowing the body to be carved for Altaroth materials. Certain items can also be obtained by drops. Drops are determined by whether or not the large sac is full. The type of drop is also determinate by the color of the sac.

[edit] Hunter's Tips

  • Altaroth can absorb materials in the field like mushrooms and other plants in their sack. If killed after eating, they will drop a 'shiny'. The 'shiny' can be gathered for one item, and the item depends upon what the monster has eaten:
  • Skinny stomach(no color)
this altaroth has not eaten
this altaroth will not drop a 'shiny'
  • Full stomach(yellow)
this altaroth has eaten from a honey gather spot
the 'shiny' from this altaroth will most likely be honey
  • Full stomach(green)
this altaroth has eaten from a plant gather spot
the 'shiny' from this altaroth will likely drop a leveled liquid(monster fluid, monster broth, monster essence)or leveled stomach(altaroth stomach, quality stomach, fine stomach)
  • Full stomach(blue)
this altaroth has eaten from a mushroom gather spot
the 'shiny' from this altaroth will likely drop a ripened mushroom or other mushroom.

NOTE: These are just some of the most likely drops. Note that other drops are possible.

[edit] Suggested Weapons

Any weapon can be used to kill altaroth. A gun with the ability to shoot poison ammo is highly suggested for hunters wishing to carve altaroth bodies.

[edit] Carves

Altaroth can only be carved a maximum of 1 time(without skills), and can only be carved if they were killed without taking a large amount of damage. They cannot be carved once they have eaten.

Carves consist of monster liquids, jaws, stomachs, and(unfortunately) insect husks.

[edit] Low-Rank

monster liquid:monster fluid jaw:altaroth jaw stomach:altaroth stomach

[edit] High-Rank

monster liquid:monster broth jaw: stomach:fine stomach

[edit] G-Rank(MH3U)

monster liquid:monster essence jaw: stomach:quality stomach

[edit] Notes

  • Altaroth drops can help in obtaining rare forms of mushroom that can only be obtained via this method.

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