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[edit] Monster Hunter Tri Arena Mode

The arena mode of Monster Hunter Tri is available both online and offline, and offers an interesting way to fight monsters. Rather than using weapons and armor that have been created during many hours of gameplay, arena quests force hunters to use their choice of five different choices of equipment sets available for the quest. The choice of equipment also determines what items the hunter will have available. It should also be noted that any food status will not apply to the quest, and will be gone apon returning to the tavern.

There are two parts of the arena: the water arena and the land arena. The arena used depends upon the monster being hunted. In both arenas there are piles from which hunters can gather supplies, but these supplies dissappear after the quest ends.

Arena mode can be played by one player, but it can also be played by up to two players offline(split-screen) or online. The offline arena can be accessed in the main menu, and the online arena is accessed by speaking to the guidlie on the right side of the Guild Master. Unlike other online quests, arena quests have a maximum party limit of two. A hunter who has accepted an arena quest is shown with a blue quest indicator above his/her head.

Awards for completing an arena quest generally consist of coins corresponding to the monster or monsters in the quest, steel or silver eggs, and zenny. The amount of rewards depends on the amount of time needed to complete the quest.

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