Autoreload is a skill that prevents players using ranged weapons having to reload with ammunition. When used in conjunction with a Bow, Autoreload allows you to switch between coatings without having to stop and apply them.

The primary use of Autoreload is for Bowgun users to maintain a constant stream of shots without having to constantly stop to reload. However, some bullets are really crippled by the maximum recoil that Autoreload gives as a negative side effect. Due to this recoil actually reducing your damage over time, it is suggested that you do not use pierce, pellet, crag or cluster shots with the Autoreload skill. However, normal and elemental type shots are uneffected by recoil, so you can shoot entire clips of them without pausing for breath.

When you get the hang of how and when to use this skill, you will find that your kill times when gunning are drastically reduced! However, it should be noted that Autoreload will not work when used with the rapidfire function on Light Bowguns.

[edit] How To Get Autoreload

In order to obtain the Autoreload skill, you need to accumulate a total of ten Autoreload skillpoints. This can be achieved by using the following armor decorations :

  • Cont Fire Jewel - 1 slot (Autoreload+1,Protection-1).
  • Barrage Jewel - 3 Slots (Autoreload+4,Protection-2).

There are also a few armor sets geared towards Autoreload. They are:

  • Death Stench Muscle (Requires Sinister Cloth).
  • Dragonskin S ( High Rank Black Fatalis).
  • Blango Vest Z (Copper Blangonga).
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