The BigElderDragonJewel is the Elder Dragon equivalent of a Heavenly Scale. They are incredibly rare, and can only be obtained by beating HR9 G-class Elder Dragons. It should be noted that they are only available from the following three monsters:

Despite the name BigElderDragonJewel suggesting otherwise, enemies like Yama Tsukami, Lao-Shan Lung and Kirin are not capable of providing them.

[edit] Notes

  • You can obtain BigElderDragonJewels by carving the Tail or Body of the monster, in rewards (increased chance if you break the monster's horn), or on very rare occasions from Shinies.
  • Almost every weapon involving Fatalis requires atleast one BigElderDragonJewel to upgrade into its final form, and most White Fatalis weapons require a headache-inducing three!
  • In order to make the 'Absolute Bow' ( the trophy Light Bowgun in Monster Hunter Freedom Unite), you will require five BigElderDragonJewels and two Ukanlos Stones. Yes it is very difficult to make, but most hunters find it worthwhile!

[edit] Tips

  • A popular strategy of obtaining these immensely rare items is to beat Chameleos over and over again. This is because hunters are able to exploit a huge elemental weakness and constantly trip Chameleos up. It is possible to beat on your own in around fifteen minutes, providing a fast and effective way of trying to obtain all the BigElderDragonJewels that you require (that's the theory anyway, the reality can be very different!).
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