Blademaster is a fairly wide term that is applied to users of melee weapons. Even a Hammer user is categorised as a Blademaster, mainly because the armour sets in all of the games in the series are simply split into either Blademaster or Gunner.

[edit] Red Devil's Melee Course 1

Taken from the latest issue of Hunter's Life Magazine

Do you know who I am!? I am Red Devil of the Fear some Hell's Brothers! Even crying babies quit their sniveling when they catch sight of a strong huinter such as myself. I am going to be giving a melee weapons lecture for the subscribers of "Hunter's Life".

Melee weapons! A man's true love! There are those who love their Bowguns, but only a real man knows the joy of specializing in a melee weapon, and leaping with delight in the blood and carnage his skilled attacks create. There is one absolutely critical point to using a melee weapon, and that is sharpness. No matter how famous the sword, or how small the foe, the more you slash your enemies the more dull your blade will get. As sharpness decreases, so does the effectiveness of your weapon. It is even possible that the weapon may snap during usage. Conversely, when a weaponed is sharpened to its highest potential, its effectiveness is greatly hightened. So make sure you keep your weapon sharp.

When a melee weapon becomes dull, it is time to use a whetstone! Not a Wet Stone, a Whetstone! By rubbing it against the blade you can re-sharpen it with ease! HAHAHAH!!

However, that is only a temporary solution to the problem, you'll want a weapon that will stay sharp for a longer period of time... Everyone agrees with me, right? By improving a weapon, not only do you increase is power, but you can also increase its durability.

[edit] Red Devil's Melee Course 2

Hahahahahaha! How are all my little hunter boys and girls doing today? It is time for the second melee weapons corse, with yours truly, the fearsome Hell Brother, Red Devil!

This time I'm going to lecture on some insightful knowledge of melee weapon use.

  • First, it is NEVER ok to swing around your weapon like some child's toy, understand!? There are three steps to an attack with a melee weapon. Drawing the weapin, applying the force, and the final follow-through. The strongest part of the attack it.... I shouldnt even have to tell you.... Exactly! Applying the force!

These steps are even more important to hunting game than sharpening a weapon. Drawing a weapon requires no strength at all. Hitting a monster while drawing a weapon is likely to damage the weapon in the process. That is something you must make a great effort to avoid when using melee weaponry. So... how exactly do you attack an enemy with the highest strength possible? The most important things are distance and timing, you must jusdge your weapon's reach and your enemy's movements. This is not something I can explain to you, but something you must learn and develope an intuition for. If that is too difficult, you should use a sharper weapon, the sharper the blade, the less strength required to slice through their flesh.

  • Second, some opponents are too hard to compete against. Wyverns like Gravios and Basarios are covered in rock-like shell and normal weaponry wont leave a dent despite your best efforts. However, every monster has a weak point. For every hard point, there must be a soft point. Where these weak points are located.... well thats a trade secret. One of the secrets of success as a hunter is learning how to most effectively slay a monster.
  • Third, even if you can not brak through a monsters shell, it is easy to damage a monster via elemental damage. If a beast is frustrating you with its defenses, try using a weapon that can harm it with the elements.
  • Finally I would like to remind you that killing a wyvern is no simple task, and it is often the case that the slaying of a wyvern is out of revenge. For those who hunger for vengence, let me give you some advice on weapon slection. If you meet defeat despite using a complete and well made set of armor, using a defensive weapon is a wise choice.

Well, that is all for now, go out there and make me proud little boys and girls. HAHAHAHA!!!

Blademaster accounts for a majority of the weapons in the games, compared to the relatively limited Bowgun and Bows.

[edit] Blademaster Weapons

Blademaster | Bow | Bowgun | Dual Swords | Great Sword | Gunlance | Gunner | Hammer | Hunting Horn | Lance | Long Sword | Switch Axe | Sword and Shield

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