Bowguns are ranged weapons in the Monster Hunter series, easily the most versatile of any weapon. All Bowguns, from Light to Heavy, fire ammunition called Shots of different types and levels. Each Bowgun caters for different Shot types, either specialising in large clips of one type of Shot for dealing large amounts of power, or small clips of many types of Shot, for versatility.


[edit] Weight Classes

[edit] Light Bowgun

Light Bowgun
Light Bowguns are ranged weapons, first introduced in the original Monster Hunter (PS2). They are weak weapons in comparison to Heavy Bowguns, and usually have low recoil from firing, but the player is able to move with greater speed while the weapon is readied.

[edit] Medium Bowgun

Medium Bowgun
The Medium bowgun is a ranged weapon that was added in Monster Hunter 3. They act as a happy medium between Light and Heavy Bowguns, some quick, some requiring to Fold and some capable of Shields, with average Attack, Reload and Recoil. With a Medium Bowgun, hunters can still run with the weapon readied, though at a slower pace than with Light Bowguns.

[edit] Heavy Bowgun

Heavy Bowgun
The Heavy Bowgun is a ranged weapon that was first introduced in Monster Hunter {PS2}. Unlike it's counterpart the Light Bowgun, you cannot run with it unsheathed. Reloading is also often slow and they are required to fold to put away. To make up for this lack of speed, the Heavy Bowgun is quite powerful. With the proper attachments, it can be outright deadly to monsters like Gravios and Basarios. Heavy Bowguns are also capable of Shields, increasing their defensive capability through the ability to block attacks automatically when not firing.

[edit] Bowgun Controls:

Control Type Shoot Reload Swing Scope Aim Menu
R3 Right Analog Down Right Analog Up R1 L1 L2
Triangle Circle Triangle+Circle R Hold R L
A Minus Waggle Z Hold Z C

[edit] Bowgun Ammunition

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
Normal S Normal S Normal S
Pierce S Pierce S Pierce S
Pellet S Pellet S Pellet S
Crag S Crag S Crag S
Cluster S Cluster S Cluster S
Wyvern Fire Wyvern Fire Wyvern Fire
Recovery S Recovery S
Poison S Poison S
Paralysis S Paralysis S
Sleep S Sleep S
Flaming S
Water S
Freeze S
Thunder S
Dragon S
Tranquilizer S
Paint S
Armor S
Sub S
Slice S
Exhaust S

Normal S: Standard Bowgun Shot. No effects.

Pierce S: Pierces, and causes multiple hits. In Monster Hunter Tri, Pierce shots are only effective at long range.

Pellet S: Sprays a wide area. At close range, can cause multiple hits.

Crag S: Penetrates, then explodes in the target.

Cluster S: Splits into many bombs on impact, can hurt allies.

Recovery S: Restores a small amount of health on the target.

Poison S: Poisons the target. May require multiple shots to take effect.

Paralysis S: Paralyses the target. May require multiple shots to take effect.

Sleep S: Sends the target to sleep. May require multiple shots to take effect.

Flaming S: Causes Fire elemental damage.

Water S: Causes Water elemental damage.

Thunder S: Causes Thunder elemental damage.

Freeze S: Causes Ice elemental damage.

Dragon S: Causes Dragon elemental damage.

Tranquilizer S: For capturing weak monsters. Acts like a Tranquilizer Bomb.

Paint S: Monsters hit will show up on the map. Acts like a Paintball.

Demon S: Targets hit with this shot gain Attack power.

Armour S: Targets hit with this shot gain Defence power.

Sub S: Causes extra damage to monsters underwater {Monster Hunter Tri}.

Slice S: Capable of removing the tails of monsters {Monster Hunter Tri}.

Exhaust S: Drains a monster's stamina, making them hungry faster {Monster Hunter Tri}.

Wyvern Fire: Like the Gunlance's ability, charges a long beam of fire which explodes multiple times away from the tip of the Bowgun {Monster Hunter Tri}.

[edit] Bowgun Upgrading

Bowguns are not upgraded like melee weapons. Instead of requiring money and monster materials to upgrade, they merely require money to increase their level. Through increasing a Bowgun's level, it's attack power is also increased. All Bowguns can be attached with Silencers, which silence shots to preserve the hunter's stealth, Power Barrels, which increase Attack, or Long Barrels, increasing range and accuracy, and Zoom Scopes, which increase the zoom level in any Bowgun's first-person aiming mode. Heavy Bowguns can also carry Bowgun Shields, allowing for an automatic block when not firing.

In Monster Hunter Tri, Silencers, Power Barrels, Long Barrels and Zoom Scopes have been removed.

[edit] Rapid Fire

Some Bowguns hold Rapid Fire capabilities for certain types and levels of ammunition. With Rapid Fire, many shots are fired in rapid succession at the expenditure of a single bullet.

In Monster Hunter Tri, both Barrels and Frames can Rapid Fire different ammunitions, and can be combined together to allow the Rapid Fire of both kinds with the same Bowgun.

[edit] Monster Hunter Tri

Bowguns in the third installment of the Monster Hunter series have been overhauled. Now included are new types of ammo, another weight class of Bowgun, and the ability to completely customize your own Bowgun with three different parts.

[edit] Bowgun Customization

In crafting Bowguns, entire guns cannot be created at once. Instead, the player must craft three separate pieces to put together: a frame, a barrel, and a stock. Each and every piece comes with it's own Weight value and ammunition capabilities which add together in the final product.

[edit] Frames

The Frame of a Bowgun is the main piece which every gun is named after. Frames have their own Attack, Recoil and Reload values as well as the Rapid Fire ability. Some Frames are required to Fold in order to put away, while some can simply be slipped on the hunter's shoulder, drastically reducing sheathing speed. Frames are also the only piece incapable of Decoration slots, while at the same time the only piece capable of being strengthened. Increasing a Frame's level also increases it's Attack. Unlike previous titles, upgrading Bowguns in Tri requires materials as well as money. Each Frame comes with a Range value.

[edit] Barrels

Barrels in Bowguns do not affect Reload and Recoil values though they are capable of Rapid Fire and are the main contributors to attack power. Some Barrels work as Shields, which act as an automatic block when not firing. Barrels often have one Decoration slot, and each comes with it's own Range value.

[edit] Stocks

A Bowgun's Stock does not affect it's attack power and is incapable of Rapid Fire. Stocks are used to increase Reload Speed and decrease Recoil for a gun. Stocks can have one or two Decoration slots.

[edit] Weight

The Weight value of each piece in a Bowgun adds up to determine it's weight class. A Weight value of 1 to 29 determines the gun to be a Light Bowgun. 30 to 70 means the Bowgun is of Medium weight, and 70 or more comprises a Heavy Bowgun.

[edit] Range

New to Tri is a number indicating the effective range of each Bowgun, calculated by the average of both Range values of the Bowgun's Frame and Barrel. The effective range of a Bowgun determines how far any shot will travel before skewing off in a wide angle. All Range values are relative to the Bowgun's standard Range of 1.00x. For instance, Range values can go as low as 0.60x or as high as 1.20x.

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