Bullet Limit

Bullet Limit is a skill exclusively used by Gunners, and is often underestimated or misunderstood. When activated, the skill ensures that you will always make the maximum number of ammunition when you combine to create it. At first glance, this seems useful but not that great. However, when used in conjunction with exploiting an enemies weak spot, those extra bullets can make a huge difference to how long a battle can last.

[edit] How To Use It Effectively

Bullet Limit is most useful when using elemental shots against enemies weak to Ice, Thunder, or Water. This is because Fire shot combinations always produce one bullet, so using the skill with Fire shots makes it totally useless. Bullet Limit can also be very useful when using pierce shots, as it allows you to produce the maximum number of higher level (aka more powerful) shots.

[edit] How To Get It

To obtain the Bullet Limit skill you need to accumulate a total of ten Shot Mix skillpoints. There are two ways to accumulate these points, either through wearing pieces of armor that give you Shot Mix skillpoints or by decorating your armor with:

  • Armory Jewel - 1 slot - (Shot Mix+2)

So, if you are a Gunner and have five spare armor slots, you could do far worse than use them to obtain the Bullet Limit skill.

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