Category:Monster Guides

A listing of guides for all Monsters in the Monster Hunter series.

[edit] Rules for creating a Monster Guide!

The guide listing page is now a category. If you have a guide that fits under one of the category guides, create a new page with your name and place it under the category guide. For example:

  • Akantor Guide (MHF2) by DarkHound

Make sure you appropriately place it under one of the Monster Guide pages that can be found in the Guides category. Ensure you contact a WikiStaff member on creation so that they may protect your guide from vandalism and unwanted editing.

[edit] Template for adding your own Monster Guide


All parts of the template where the word is surrounded by asterisks (*) indicates that this spot should be replaced.


  • GUIDENAME* = Akantor Guide, Yian Kut-Ku Guide, Apceros Guide etc.
  • USERNAME* = Twin_Master, Machienzo, Dark Dom etc.
  • VERSION* = MHF, MHF2, MH3 etc.

Also note that the last to indications of *USERNAME* are separated by a forward slash (/) and a space ( ). Insert non-formatted text here