Comrade Skills

In Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, your Felyne Comrades have the ability to learn certain skills, for an additional bonus during battles. Only 3 skills can be learnt by a Felyne at max.

Skill Points Description How To Unlock
Flute 20 Comrade pulls the attention of certain monsters towards itself with this dangerous call. Begin with skill
Demon Flute 60 Comrade raises the attack power of both itself and the hunter with this brave call. Begin with skill
Armor Flute 60 Comrade raises the defense power of both itself and the hunter with this protective call. Begin with skill
Antidote Flute 30 Comrade removes poison from itself and the hunter with this curing call. Begin with skill
Health Flute 70 Comrade recovers the health of both itself and the hunter with this healing call. Begin with skill
True Health Flute 120 Comrade greatly recovers the health of itself and the hunter with this deep healing call. Get level 4 fondness level
Element Atk Fire 15 Add Fire Element to Comrade's weapon. Begin with skill
Element Atk Water 15 Add Water Element to Comrade's weapon. Begin with skill
Element Atk Ice 15 Add Ice Element to Comrade's weapon. Begin with skill
Element Atk Thunder 15 Add Thunder Element to Comrade's weapon. Begin with skill
Element Atk Dragon 30 Add Dragon Element to Comrade's weapon. Begin with skill
Elemental Attack Up 50 Increases Comrade's Fire, Water, Ice, Thunder, and Dragon Elemental attack power. Slay Rathian or Rathalos (with comrade present)
Status Atk Poison 60 Comrade's weapon attack may cause Poison with this Skill. Slay Ioprey or Iodrome (with comrade present)
StatusAtkParalysis 60 Comrade's weapon attack may cause Paralysis with this Skill. Slay Genprey or Gendrome (with comrade present)
Status Atk Sleep 60 Comrade's weapon attack may cause Sleep with this Skill. Slay Basarios or Hynocratice (with comrade present)
Abn Status Attack Up 120 Increases Comrade's Poison, Paralysis and Sleep Abnormal Status attack power. Slay Plesioth or Lunastra or Teostra (with comrade present)
Wind Negate 100 Other than Dragon Wind, Comrade is unaffected by strong winds. Slay Kushla Dora (with comrade present)
Earplugs 140 Comrade can completely block out the terrifying roars of monsters. Slay Tigerex (with comrade present)
Attack Up 60 Increases Comrades' Attack. Slay Diablos or Monoblos (With comrade present)
Defense Up 90 Increases Comrades' Defense. Slay Basarios or Gravios
Health Up 120 Increases Comrades' Health. Slay Congalala (with comrade present)
Guard Up (Guard Percentage Up) 70 Comrade's guard percentage will increase. Slay Daimyo Hermitaur or Purple Daimyo Hermitaur or Shogun Ceanataur or Terra Shogun Ceanataur or Kushala Daora (with comrade present)
Hyperdrive 100 Comrade's movement and gathering speed will increase. Slay Kirin
Recovery Speed Inc 130 Comrade's healing rate increase Comrade Level 18
Affinity Attack 80 Comrade will be more likely to deal a critical hit. Comrade Level 5
Rob 'em Blind 100 Comrade will be able to steal from a monster when a successful strike is landed. Comrade Level 10
Trap Master 160 Comrade will have a chance to set up a shock trap when facing large monster Comrade Level 18
Bomber (Bomb Strength Up) 150 Increases the attack of all of the Comrade's bombs. Get 3 Fondness Level
Bomb Dmg Reduction 90 Comrade takes less damage from a Bomb. Comrade Level 6
Lg Barrel-Bomb 140 Comrade's Small Barrel-Bomb may turn into a Large Barrel-Bomb at times. Comrade Level 13
Poison Negate 30 Comrade is immune to Poison. Slay Gypceros
Clairvoyance 70 Comrade will sometimes know where a large monster is based on it's naturally heightened senses. Comrade Level 8
Say No To Gathering 90 Comrade won't gather items, and will instead focus it's energy on fighting, increasing it's attack. Comrade Level 12
Tireless 80 Comrade pour everything in its hands increasing attack and defence level while reducing maximum health points Comrade Level 15
Fall 7x, Get Up 8x 120 When Comrade falls in battle, it keeps coming back each time with more attack power than before. Comrade Level 14
Risk Breaker Technique 150 Comrade will gain a large amount of attack and defence points from the start of the quest but will never recover until the quest ends Comrade Level 20

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