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[edit] Daimyo Hermitaur Guide

This is a guide on the Daimyo Hermitaur, if you want to read general information about the monster, check out the main Daimyo Hermitaur page.

[edit] Monster's Weakness

  • Fire
  • Thunder

[edit] Monsters Main Attributes

It is very fast and Maneuverable, You will be running around a lot. This makes Healing Difficult so Make sure you stay above 3/4 Health.

[edit] Monster's Attacks & How to Avoid them

  • Water Squirt Squirts a stream of water out of its mouth (Mouth Is on the Claw side of Monster)
    • He will Usually Bubble at the mouth before he shoots water, when he does so get out of the way or you'll be doing some crab water swimming.
  • Jump Attack Jumps into the air to trys and Land on you. If your too close The shock from it landing will stun you for a second.
    • As soon as he jumps stay out from under his shadow.
  • Forward Claw Smack Throws both claws forward to try and smack you.
    • If your already close to his face get in as close as you can when your striking him and this attack does less damage while you hit him in his weakest spot.
  • Single Claw Swipe Swipes its one claw at you, I'm pretty sure it only uses its right claw if your looking at it front the front. (please correct me if Im wrong)
    • He will Usually Run towards you Cockeyed before He does this attack, He comes at you with one claw out more than the other. Just Run to the Left Or roll to the left
    • Another option is to roll into him. His movement doesn't injure you, and, since his mass is greater, you'll usually slide around him before he can attack. This works 90% of the time for lighter weapons. Heavy weapons should not try this.
  • Dig Attack Digs Underground to pop up from underneath you.
    • Just Run Around like a mad man and don't stop In one place, Hes pretty accurate with this attck.
  • Ram Attack Uses its rear end with the skull looking thing on it to Ram into you.
    • Roll Or run to Either side of him, Because this attack does some serious damage.

[edit] Items To Bring into Battle

  • 10- Mega Potions- (Combine) Potion + Honey
  • 5- well Done Steaks
  • 5+- Paintballs
  • 3- Shock Trap-(Using these make it alot easier to cut off claws also) To Make Shock Traps (Combine) Trap tool + Genprey Fang
  • 3- Power seeds
  • 3- Armor Seeds
  • 3- Sonic Bombs
  • 3- Cool Drinks "If in Desert"
  • 3- Lightning rods "If in Rain"
  • 3- Wheatstones For Blade Masters
  • Optional- Some Small Or large Barrel bombs "If its not raining".

One of the easier weapons to use is a hunting horn as each triangle + circle combo knocks it down, however any weapon can be used.

[edit] Weak Spots

  • The Face (Claw Side)
  • Side Of crab
  • Legs

[edit] Carves And Breakables

(This info taken from Kawakami Hanabi Credit to him)


  • Carves-3 Times
  • Hermitaur Shell (60%)
  • Large Monster Bone (19%)
  • Hermitaur Claw (10%)
  • Black Pearl (10%)
  • Carapaceon Brains (1%)
  • Capture
  • Hermitaur Claw X1 (45%)
  • Hermitaur Shell X1 (35%)
  • Black Pearl X2 (20%)
  • Drop
  • Crab Pearl (75%)
  • Black Pearl (25%)

Reward For Breaking:

  • Shell
    • Blood Red Horn X1 (50%)
    • Hermitaur Shell X1 (25%)
    • Giant Bone X1 (20%)
    • Wyvern Skull Shell X1 (5%)
  • Claw
    • Hermitaur Claw X1 (100%)

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