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About Dark Dom

Dark Dom is a special kind of monster, born from the depths of Neoseeker Mountain. To defeat him, you have to commit suicide. Because he can't be beaten.

His powers include summoning lightening, regeneration, killing people by breathing, and being friends with Elite Four Morgan Freeman.


  • 1500 b.c - Dark Dom was born, meets Oceanic Sun in a Dojo made especially for Gods and Demi-Gods.
  • 2008 a.d - Dark Dom & Oceanic Sun rule the world.
  • 3000 a.d - Dark Dom & Oceanic Sun spread communism to all the corners of the globe.


  • Oceanic Sun is Dark Dom's sidekick, and is slightly less powerful. Together, they rule the world.
  • Mudkip army. A team of at least 10 million Mudkips. From a single command, the 10 million Mudkipz will rip and tear whatever is in their path.
  • Pikachu with explosion. Self-explanatory.
  • Redemption. Actually that's a lie, Redemption is slightly more powerful than Dark Dom, as he created Neoseeker Mountain by sneezing.

Monster Hunter games he owns

What does he do? (seriousness)

Dark Dom is one of the Monster Hunter Wiki staff. If anyone EVER needs any help, they can simply send him a PM and he'll probably ignore your PM until you send him more, so that he gets really irritated and replies just to stop you from PMing again. ;(

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