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The Desert Area from the MH2, MHF2 and MHP2G (Pokke Region)

The desert is a huge barren field surrounded by cliffs, caves and canyons. The sun beats down on the desert, sapping the strength of anyone who ventures into its grip. Cool Drinks are indespensable for trips into the desert. It is also home to things like the anti-poison cactus flower, certain seeds that boost the strength of those who eat them as well as the fire herb, an odd plant that burns at incredibly high temperatures when ignited.

One should take care of sand wyverns, also known as Cephalos. It utilizes the fine grain sand as a medium to travel and hide, giving it the title of the land shark. When traveling only its fin can be seen, so the utmost of caution is required. Other wyverns, such as Monoblos and Diablos have been spotted in the desert zone. These wyverns sport enormous horns and are incredibly powerful. Rumor has it that Plesioth have been seen in an underground lake found in the desert as well, although the Guild has yet to confirm this as fact.

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On rare occasions even Teostra and Lunastra can be found in the desert. General supplies to bring are hot drinks and cold drinks. In the second generation of the desert, there is a well you can climb on and jump into, that instantly teleports you to the caves below.

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