[edit] Overview

The Dragonator is a very powerful weapon exclusively found in the following areas:

The Dragonator is the most powerful anti-wyvern defense mechanism in the game. It is used to deal considerable damage to large wyverns besiegin towns and forts, such as Lao Shan Lung and Shen Gaoren. The Dragonator is a mechanism which propels forward a number of spikes from the fort wall, that impale the incoming monster. The damage done is significant, as the Dragonator can often stagger Shen Gaoren or Lao Shan Lung, buying the hunter the much needed extra time. It is activated by standing by the circular platform on the top wall and pressing circle. The timing is crucial as the Dragonator's range can be deceptively short. The Dragonator can be used every 10 minutes, which makes for two uses at most in siege quests.

[edit] Timing

Because of the shear power of the Dragonator, hunters must time the attack perfectly in order to deal the most amount of damage and flinch the monster. This can be tricky, as they only have one attempt before having to wait the ten minute recharge time. Missing may also put the hunter in danger.

[edit] Shen Gaoren

It is recommended to use the Dragonator when the Shen Gaoren plants its back legs on the stronghold's wall during its "charge up" attack. This will cause the mutant crab lots of pain, most likely knocking it down for free hits.

[edit] Lao Shan Lung

Use the Dragonator when Lao Shan Lung stands up on his back legs and inches towards the stronghold. The timing for this is much more difficult than the Shen Gaoren as hitting the Dragonator too soon won't do as much damage – which is crucial to be able to kill Lao instead of just repelling him – but wait until it is too late, and the stronghold will take heavy damage, as will yourself. Lao will flinch if you time it correctly.

[edit] Fatalis

This should be used as the Fatalis lands from flight in front of the Dragonator. You should stand on the platform and bait him over. After dodging his fireballs, wait until he starts to land. Activate the Dragonator as he is aligns with its spear/hitzone. Do it correctly and his falling animation should start.

[edit] Notes

Although the Dragonator deals massive damage, sometimes it is best never to touch it in some circumstances. For example, with fairly strong weapons, you can deal more damage on Shen Gaoren by attacking its legs. It also flinches easily, and knocking it down gives you a huge opportunity to deal an enormous amount of damage.

Remember that it takes a fairly long time to climb from the bottom of the area to the top. Make sure you leave enough time to get up to the Dragonator – if Lao is already standing on his back legs, it is already to late.

Although the former is true, do not climb to to the top just to stand around doing nothing for a minute or two. The whole idea of theses quests is to deal enough damage and kill the monster before the time runs out. Despite the massive damage a Dragonator blow can do, if you are doing nothing, you are wasting valuable time which could have added towards the same amount of damage or more if you ignored the Dragonator altogether and continued the fight on foot.

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