Dual Swords


Dual Swords are two small swords used for attacking quickly at a high rate. One sword is held in each hand and the hunter can perform many varieties of combo attacks with them. Many people, for this reason choose to use them when fighting a monster such as Lao-Shan Lung

[edit] Demonization

Dual Swords are notable for their incredibly powerful "Demonization" combo attack, during which a hunter will become impervious to wind and small attacks, and will enter a rage-like state in which attack strength will increase dramatically. The most powerful attack in this state will send the hunter into a wild flurry of blades, inflicting 9 hits within a short period of time when the weapon has yellow sharpness or above.

It is important to know that if the sharpness of the weapons falls to yellow or below that, the number of attacks performed in the Demonization combo will also decrease to just 4.

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